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[LFP] [Pathfinder 1e] Ongoing Campaign - Weekly to bi-weekly Tuesdays, looking for players to add to the group


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Pathfinder 1st edition here - We are currently playing through the Kingmaker Adventure Path and the group has a few openings to fill the ranks. Currently three dedicated players, great roleplaying with balance of combat and strategy. We do not sweat the small stuff but encourage players who are reliable and contribute towards the story. A brief summary of our current character roster to know how you may fit in: Half-Orc Barbarian  - Deadly with his Guisarme Half-Elf Oracle - Never too far from her pet Gorilla Half-Elf Ranger - Relies on bow, has a wolf companion If interested, the basic stuff to start: 5th Level starting, using the milestone level gain. We use voice chat on Discord Team players allowed, Jerks look elsewhere. We play bi-weekly but occasionally seek to play weekly on Tuesdays around 6:30 PM   ET start time to 10:30 PM ET end time We're looking for long-term campaigners here, apply to join only if you are committed to play. If you have played Kingmaker before, whether it be tabletop or on the computer let me know. Not against you knowing how the story goes/ends, I have altered a few of the key points to make it different enough to make it unique to those familiar with he adventure path.
Hello I'm a noob to world of DnD, but I understand the basics of DNDbut I'm willing to learn and be done for long term commitment to the session.
Hey I’m definitely interested, I’ve played mostly 5e but I learned dnd with 3.5. I’m also currently playing a pathfinder 1e campaign so I do have some familiarity. 
interested, my time zone is UK.   My schedule is pretty flexible. I am pretty open to playing in any long-form campaign with a focus on world building and story and about 30% combat. I really want to try out playing a  blade bound magnus . I am a player in my early 20's. I am ok with joining a running campaign. 
Greetings.  Been a GM for many years and would love to play PF1e especially as part of a team.  Nuts and bolts: Pacific Time zone and my schedule for Tue/Thur during that time slot is open.   I have played Kingmaker on the PC. I only got as far as when you start a town.  Never played the PnP version. 

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Thank you all for being patient for a response - I had thought notifications were turned on but I see that was not the case. Also, I see that I goofed on the starting day - we play on a bi-weekly basis on Tuesdays around 6:30 pm Eastern time.  I have room for likely 1-2 more players and if those of you are still interested, we can proceed to character concepts to play with. If created by this upcoming Tuesday, we can play with the group then. Character creation rules: 1.) 5th Level character using Pathfinder Core Books , any Third Party material is case by case review with player . 2 . ) 20 Point Buy for character creation   3 . ) Any character concept is possible , as long as it is one that allows team cohesion and doesn 't infringe on the fun of the other players .
Your Name/Pronouns:  Aaron  (he/him) Time Zone:  CDT Age:  45 Limits:  ERP/lack of respect to people/Paid GM'ing Experience with TTrpg:  I Started with D&D 1rst edd at age of 9. I then played 2e when it came out. I played for many years, Then took a break. Then started back up with 3e and then moved to 3.5. Skipped 4e and played few games 5e. I also played pathfinder 1e for about 6 years. have also played other games, starwars d6/saga, BESM, OVA, Maids, Gurps, Savage worlds and few others. House Rules and Subsystems:  Yes I am comfortable. Tell me something else about yourself: I love building models and rc stuff. I also do Lego's master builders. I play a lot of video games and collect consoles and games. Discord: Will give in mail if accepted.
Shot everyone a private message - be sure to check 
Oh man, i would love to play, not sure the time slot works for me though.  Ill talk it over with the fam and think on it :) huge kingmaker pc game fan, always wanted to play the full mod.