Discord: craftykalon Greetings to all who read this filling these kinds of things is a bit of a mind blank on my end as I am never sure what to put here. I am currently looking for a game to join as I am bored and my DND craving is high I love Roleplay focused games but am not afraid to get into some combat and beat up a baddie who needs it. I have played a few characters in my time as I have been playing for a bit now can't really remember how long but it is 5+ years. What i am looking for : I would say i prefer a chill group of people 18+ with mics who like having a laugh but being able to be serious enough to play as after all this is a game. Time would be after  7pm EST  and hopefully on Monday's, Tuesday's , Friday's or Saturday's  If you accept me for Starfinder i would need some hand holding and help but i am curious to learn to play it. Again thank you for taking the time to read this and i hope to hear from people.