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[WtA] [W5] [WoD] [GMT+2][18+][LFP] Looking for 2 player's for a long-term Werewolf the Apocalypse campaign

I'm planning a new Werewolf the Apocalypse chronicle set in modern times (2023-2024). There are already 2 wolves and we are looking for 2 more. Thus will be the first 5th edition WtA game we play, and are not 100% sure about how much we like the W5 rules/mechanics, thus it might be possible, that after player input, we change some things, or maybe switch to W20,after à few sessions. The game will be schedule on either Tuesday evening +- 7:30 pm, or Thursday evening 7:30pm (time is given in CEST, GMT+2),and will last about 3-4 hours.  New(er) players are welcome. Due to WtA and WoD themes and topics, this game will be for 18+ only.  I'm a ST with 10+years experience in WoD and other rpg (Shadowrun, CoC, and Dnd) . And I have been running V5 for close to 6 years. I've recently deicded to start à W5 game as well.  Anyone that might be ineterested can send me a pm, or reply to this post. 
Hey if you're still looking for a player, im intrested. I'm new to DnD, Wta, W5 and WoDbut i'm willing to put in some time to learn the rules I'm 26 years old.