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Looking for Players

I've been playing dnd for the greater half of four decades since original dnd and into 2e. What I'm offering is free 5e games online . Even online scheduling can be a difficult so times and days fluctuate but mostly fall on weekends. I'm not offering a permanent cohesive party. Players and even vetted DMs may switch in and out. I am offering a cohesive character storyline and world building experience set predominantly on the coast of swords right after the events of bg3 but not centered on those events. If anyone is interested, message me.
I'm def interested, I've played DnD for a long time now. Namely, 5E, but I learned how to play with 3.5, and I'm even dabbling with pathfinder 1E Rn! I've also played BG3 extensively, sooo I do have game knowledge if relevant. 
I’m interested in playing! I’ve played d&d for the better half of my life, mostly 5e but i’m a quick learner and open to other games :)

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I'd love to join if you need more players. I'm 22 and available for most weekends  Edit:best way to contact me is via discord, neotis_ is my @
Good afternoon, I am interested in participating in your game. I have several ideas and am flexible in role, alignment, and race of character. This sounds like a very interesting experience and I would be grateful to participate. Thank you for your time.
welll there u have it a potential party of 4!!!
I'll drop a discord link in the morning and I'll be online most of the day while at work to speak to anyone that drops in.
Still looking for more players and DMs are welcome as well. Hit me up.
morning yall
Morning indeed. o/
I'm still looking.
Hey, My discord name is meatbox95 and I have a couple of months worth of experience.

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Hail and well met, Caliburnus! You had me at greater half of four decades, I started with Basic (blue book). Anyway … depending on how scheduling shakes out (days/times) … I'd be interested in joining the party, and could even DM here and there.
Hi! I am totally new player in DnD, but I am learning some info on 5e online rn. If you're still looking for players and alright with newbies, dm me on my discord "cyrtyr" please.
Depending on the day/time I'm interested.  I've been playing since 82.  Any info on where to go from here?
Still looking. :)
what is your day/time if I may ask? I am quite interested.
Still looking. I sent you a pm storm.
i'm interested! ;D i've been playing 5e for 18 months as a player and as a DM, but with only 2 IRL sessions a month, i need more! if you're still looking, let me know! :D