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[LFP] [ASOIAF] [WOT5K] Everyother Sunday 6 to 9pm EST. Looking for players.

"Only in death, does duty end" We are entering our 3rd session and looking for players for a ASOIAF using the ASOIAF rule set. The party is mainly northeners and at Winterfell as King Robert Baratheon visits to offer (Force) Eddard Stark to be his Hand of the King following the untimely death of Jon Arryn. The game will touch along the TV series and books but not follow the events, the players actions changing the outcome of events and the course of the war of the five kings. We play every other sunday from 6 to 9pm est and use Discord for comms and Roll20 for TT.  Sessions are chronicalled by an NPC bard who travels at times with the party. A good amount of RP and Lore as well as character backgrounds. Main characters from the TV series are not played 100% as the TV series depicts them! (Joffrey is way worse).   This setting is dark and will be played as such.
I have never played the system but I’m interested. 
This sounds awesome!
sent Pm's
Joe did you get the PM i sent you?
Still looking for two more players. Campaign is still ongoing with only three sessions in