Official thread for the D&D 2024 Alpha sheet! Sheet Summary In preparation for the launch of the new D&D core rulebooks in September, we are releasing an Alpha version of our new character sheet on Roll20 Characters so you can start to see the new features we're introducing and submit any feedback/suggestions. This sheet is still actively in development, so you may run across some incomplete sections on the sheet or maybe even a bug or two, but we wanted to get it into the community's hands as soon as possible! For now, the sheet is only available within Roll20 Characters, but don't worry you'll be able to use the sheet in the Roll20 Tabletop later in the summer.  Alongside the character sheet, you'll also have access to 8 Ready to Play characters that the team has created. Jump right into playing with the sheet with no set up time! For more information about the launch, check out our latest blog ! How to Submit Feedback We want to hear from you about what you like about the sheet, any bugs, suggestions for features, or any other feedback you have. Please submit any feedback via this form .  What's Next? The Alpha period will run for ~6 weeks, until late July. From there we will launch Beta, which will include the Player sheet, the Character Builder, and the NPC sheet in both Roll20 Characters and the Roll20 Tabletop. Check out the landing page , which has a summarized roadmap of what to expect throughout the rest of the year, FAQs, and more!