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LFP - D&D 3.5 - DM Extraordinaire - Home Brew [Paid] - Cause and Effect - Sunday 3-9 pm MT (Canada) Three Seats Open - 7th Level Game

Allow me to introduce myself… I’m John, DM extraordinaire (over 40,000 hours on R20). Feel free to check out my profile here. Jump to the juice and just email me -&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Or Discord if you prefer taibhsear #7908 I’ll give you a quick summary. I’m 52 and from Canada (Toronto originally but don’t hold that against me). I’ve been DMing since October 1991. I run D&amp;D 3.5 exclusively. Seriously, you can’t even pay me to play 5e anymore. I’ve run dozens of campaigns and games over the years and still love it. The vast majority of my content is homebrew and unique to my game although I have borrowed from many sources over the years. Cause and Effect &nbsp;-&nbsp; &nbsp;This is an elven campaign that began before the Second Great Goblin War. The first chapter is about the party getting to know the area and doing some light-hearted adventuring before the war breaks out. Then Marathas is plunged into a struggle for its very existence. <a href=";list=PL_r6JrdKPLFWn-z-HhAvhzQ2n5kMXu_gy" rel="nofollow">;list=PL_r6JrdKPLFWn-z-HhAvhzQ2n5kMXu_gy</a> The Setting Depending on which game you join you may be in any one of many areas of Thera (the world). Most of my games have taken place in Multras, the primary human continent. Multras is split into five portions (east, west, north, south, and central) each with its own trade language (eastern common, western common, northern common, southern common, and central common), kingdoms, and empires. Some of these kingdoms resemble medieval European countries like France and Germany, and some are completely unique, like the Banite Theocracy of Kallum but they all have their own language and culture. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Your Game &nbsp;- If you have an idea for a game and a group interested in playing, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. I run for a minimum of 4 hours and up to 8. I prefer no more frequently than weekly but depending on the campaign I might be able to do it twice a week. I’m open to anything from slapstick Monty Hall farce to hardcore intense RP. I’ve done it all and I don’t care which style you like. We play to have fun. Some people like fart jokes and shaving dwarves’ beards while they are passed out while others wish to build a rich history and become a cannon feature of the world. Spoiler: There are a lot of cannon PCs both mine and other players in my world and I consult these players when you interact with their characters so you have no idea what’s coming down the line. Expectations &nbsp; I run open, sandbox, player-centric original content games. The main theme is established, and the story is there, but these are elements the players choose to engage and I let the players write their own tales. I'm indifferent about the outcome, which seems to surprise a lot of players. I don't care how the story unfolds, although I try to make the most dramatic things happen, the dice and the players' action are the final arbiters. On that note, I roll everything openly. Secret checks are only rolled by players if they wish to conceal an action or outcome. Some of my games are based on themes and ideas I’ve come up with and others are picked by the players. I play many different styles of games. I’m open to basically anything. If you have an idea for a campaign don’t be afraid to present it. I make most of my own maps when I have time and make custom tokens for each player. I detail my loot with the players in mind. I roll randomly but I like juicy drops so I’m often inclined to pick the next thing on the table if it looks sweet. &nbsp; Rates &nbsp; Most games will be $20 (minimum) per session but games with fewer players (less than 5), longer games (6+ hours), and higher-level games will have increased costs. $4 per hour&nbsp; (with a group of 5) &nbsp; of gameplay (5th-9th level). $5 per hour&nbsp; (with a group of 5) &nbsp; of gameplay (10th-14th level). $6 per hour&nbsp; (with a group of 5) &nbsp; of gameplay (15th-19th). $7 per hour&nbsp; (with a group of 5) &nbsp; of gameplay (20th+). My games have no level limit and we continue on as long as the players wish to play. The highest we’ve made it to is 22nd level. While the PE game is only 14th level, they are already talking about epic level stuff (20+) and post-epic stuff (30+). I have rules for both despite never really getting that high with players. Payment is made via PayPal. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements. My noob game is free to play if you want to try it out and meet some of the other players. I can also run a session zero if you have a group and want to do a one-shot. Getting Started Before you contact me make sure: You are 18 or over. You’re willing to play D&amp;D for 4+ hours a week. You own a microphone of decent quality. You have Roll20 account. You have Discord account.
Samatha "Sky" MacKeller is/was the main character of this campaign as her quest to protect the sacred stand of trees in Marathas&nbsp;drives the plot from this point forward.
Boobo was recently killed by a logger near the sacred stand. Sky has not had an opportunity to summon a new animal companion.
Artemis is recruiting allies for his next strike team. He wants to take the fight to the enemy.
Our bonus session got canceled this morning today, but we should be fine for next Sunday.
Kilo, Joe's elven barbarian. Yes, it's as weird as it sounds.
Marshal Renafel Feranes is struggling to deal with the goblinoid invasion of Marathas because he is woefully unprepared for war and seriously undermanned.
With the hobgoblins in the north routed, they turn their attention to the other goblinoids in the south.
Ganartok, the grand chief of the bugbears, has set his sights on the elven kingdom of Marathas and moves quickly north, pillaging and conquering.
The tasloi are not super smart, but they know their strengths and weaknesses. Higher ground to keep advancing melee attackers from reaching them and spread out to avoid spell effects, like sleep. They use their bows whenever they can and fall back when they can't. They task the strongest tasloi with standing his ground to slow advancing enemies. Most importantly, they attack in waves to draw enemies into crossfire positions, denying them cover or concealment bonuses.
The real heart of the goblinoid army is the legion of bugbears that make up its core. Ruthless and relentless, the bugbears have no mercy or formal honour, although they have their own code which basically allows them to slaughter non-bugbears without hesitation.