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Looking for new Player(s) DnD 5e

We're looking for a player to join our 5th level Role Play heavy D&D group. Please note, that if you're just looking to roll some dice and make big numbers, there's nothing wrong with that but it's not the most important thing in our group. Far more important is your ability to role play and communicate. We use discord alot to do text based activities between sessions, These activities are very role play heavy and require a  good amount of time and attention. In short if you're into role playing memorable characters, having meaningful experiences with other players and characters and  assisting in telling a grand narrative with heroes, villains and everything in between, we're the group for you. If you just want to roll dice, do damage and "Win D&D" you should probably look somewhere else. If this interests you, comment here and I’ll PM you with further information
Hello, I am very interested in some more information. I haven't played in a while, but I am ready to jump back in for some DnD 5E!
would you be cool with a complete newbie.
I'm interested in hearing more if the slots have not been filled.
Looking for a new campaign to jump into, and one that is heavy on the RPing. This sounds like its it. Let me know what's up.
Are you running official content or homebrew campaigns?
The Grinning Skull said: Are you running official content or homebrew campaigns? Homebrew

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This sounds very much aligned for my RP interests. My catch phase for RP is: it's not about what's on your PC sheet, it's about The Character of the character. Verisimilitude is my watch word, and that The Party has it in their sum/M.O. is important to me. It is why i don't premake PCs for the next game arbitrarily. I wait to meet the players + GM,  and get some feel for the group vibe first.  And I find internal party conflict to not be a bad thing. As long as it's the right kind that can strengthen the group to have gone through, not situations that would tear them apart. of note: i tend to narrate at least as much as I speak for my PCs. I often wish to avoid dishing out any poor voice acting that may miscommunicate the PCs intent and require retconning to set right. So i just speak as narrator about the PC's tone of voice or appearance of mood, to remove any ambiguity for everyone else. Availability: Mon, Tue, Wed. 3pm-9pm pacific(PDT). Firdays 3pm-11pm(PDT). 
Regrettably, I have already accumulated enough potential players for now, any more and i'll get overwhelmed, so this forum is closed for now.