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Very experienced ForeverDM LFG to play in. Mondays or Wednesdays, EST. Seeking experienced, roleplay-driven group.

The title is a pretty decent summation of my situation. I'm a DM who rarely gets a chance to play, and I would really like to. I currently play a lot of Pathfinder, so an Adventure Path group is fine, there are a couple I would like to be a player in. I wouldn't mind trying out 5E or FantasyCraft either. Weekly games only. My only request is this: The group I'd like to join should be similarly experienced, comfortable roleplaying in-character and doing a lot of it, and the DM should be experienced with Roll20 enough to not have to spend most of the session figuring out how to set things up. In return, I can provide resources, my own Mentor features, and even bribe with the offer to DM myself every now and then. I just want a chance to be a player. Voice only, no text games please. I don't mind helping a group if they want to record or stream either, I'm fine with all that. I can offer solid, regular attendance, and access to all of the resources I have collected over my time DMing. If anyone has something they're putting together, give me a shout, and we can talk here or on Skype.
We have a group of three that needs a DM. Wednesday nights are good for us. We would be interested in having you as a player. I will let you know if we find a DM. altius08 on skype.
I'm in the same boat, looking for some time out from behind the screen. Running two APs now and I'd certainly like to play in one.
I run a Monday morning game, we are currently in the Tomb of Horrors, and it might be a while for them to clear it, so a new character jumping in might not work, but we do have a few NPC's that are there, characters who had players but dropped due to school starting and jobs.
I've been thinking about trying to get a group together for a rotating-GM Dogs in the Vineyard game on weekends. Nobody would be completely off the hook for content creation, but with four or five people it would work out to less than once a month in the hot seat.