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Interest Check: Players with RotRL experience to play roleplay-heavy Jade Regent, midweek EST.


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This game is kind of cursed for me, the couple times I've tried to run it all were plagued with issues. So I'm throwing out my net to see if there's any interest, since my work schedule is giving me some new nights free. Here's the deal; The game is the Jade Regent adventure path, using Pathfinder. This will specifically be a fairly roleplay-heavy campaign, so I'm looking for some mature and experienced players who really want to explore some character, less so new players or those looking to hack-and-slash. For this particular campaign, players should have played through at least the first book of Rise of the Runelords, Burnt Offerings. This is specifically for character connection purposes. Finishing RotRL isn't necessary, simply a working familiarity with the Sandpoint setting and the NPCs within it that comes from playing in it. That's about as specific as I think is necessary right now, since this is just a check to see if there's enough interest in the game to put together a group. Games will be run through Skype voice, and the Jade Regent Player's Guide is a good thing to check out if you're not familiar with the adventure. So yeah, let's see if there's anyone wanting to run it. EDIT: Interested parties should send me a PM with their basic experience, both with Pathfinder itself and the requisite Adventure Path, and what they are looking for in a campaign, as well as procure themselves a copy of the Jade Regent Player's Guide, which is free from Paizo. I'm leaning towards Thursdays at the moment.
My friend and I are both interested, but we're GMT+2. Will scheduling be a problem?
I'm interested and available in the evening EST during the week. I'm over a year into running RotRL with my old gaming group. One of my friends/players ran Kingmaker for almost a year but had to stop due to work and school. I've been looking for a good long term game to get into again.
To clarify, I'm on EST time, so I probably won't be adjusting to accomodate timezones in the range of 6 hours +/- mine. Likely any session I run will start about 6PM EST at the earliest and around 10PM at the latest. Currently, Wednesdays and Thursdays are when I can run. Anything else more specific, I'd rather answer in PM and just keep this thread for interest rather than discussion.
Pmed with questions.
Highly interested. I am on EST time as well but can adjust for most days of the week.
EST time here, interested, and better suited for a later start... 8-9pm. I'm familiar with all the Sandpoint related Adventure Paths and haven't played in quite some time, due to DMing most of our groups endeavors. I'm most intrigued by the heavy roleplay element you mentioned.
Good to see there seems to be some interest. I don't know whether it will fall on Wednesday or Thursday, and I don't really want to get in a rush to start recruiting or anything. For now, I guess, if people haven't sent me a message, doing so via PM is a good way to do so, and I expect that if there seems to be enough, I will probably spend the rest of the week through to next Wednesday talking to people and maybe putting something together, followed by the next week doing character building as a group. So, PM with questions and stuff and I'll try to answer them.
Edited OP a bit with info.
I'm gonna bump this, and start seeing if I can get things organized. It looks like I'm going to be trying to play on Thursdays, so I'll send shouts to anyone who hit me up via PM and see if they want to start putting something together. Anyone else interested is welcome to send me a message to express interest. Currently, what I'll be talking to players about is a simple bit about their experience, preferred styles of play, and what they're specifically looking for/expecting in a game with regards to what details they prefer to see effort placed on. So, send me a shout with a little bit about that and I'll see if we can't put together a solid group for some regular play.