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Create Custom Sets of Status Icons for Tokens

As per the subject, I would greatly appreciate the ability as a GM to define and upload my own set of custom status icons for tokens. This should include the option to name them for use in the API and/or macros, should some kind of ability to add or remove status icons is implemented for non-api macros. For example, I would like to define a set of status icons for a D&D 4e campaign and name them according to the conditions they represent, like blinded, dazed, etc. As part of this upgrade to Roll20, I would also like for the name of the conditions to appear as a hover tooltip when you mouseover the status icon on a token.
I was just about to add this suggestion myself, so I definitely support this. The current set are fun, but they don't immediately suggest the same status to all of the players. When GMing GURPS I often have to explain the status to the players when I set it. All of HoneyBadger's ideas sound useful, but even the simple ability to change the status icons would be helpful - perhaps via a Preferences setting for the GM.
And the ability to remove status tokens that are not wanted. The current list is more cumbersome than I need.
I like the idea of being able to remove unwanted icons and add our own - upvoted.
I agree! Being able to add or/and customize Status thingys would be very helpful. Roll20 is currently missing good icons for some common Status effects, like "I'm on Fire!" or "I cannot move!" and of course the classic "I've Fallen and I can't get up!" GF
Gen Kitty
Forum Champion
Oh YES! Having GM-defined tooltips that appear over the status icons would be WONDERFUL!
+1! I am amazed that there isn't something more fiery looking than the current "half-haze" or "three leaves" options like, say, the universal symbol for flammable? And yes it would be nice to add in a ghostbusters icon (or similar ghost icon) for a token that is insubstantial...
+1 for this. Also the ability to assign values greater than '9' to the status tokens.
yes, yes, yes
+1 I think the ability to add them to your vault so you can use them again and again would be great also!!! voted for this one!!!
+1 The status icons seem to be cut off weird in general, an overhaul with custom icon support and icons as a marketplace possibility would be great. Being able to customize which ones show on a campaign basis would be very useful too.
Agree on this suggestion 100%,especially since my game is an original concept, so no icons would fit for my status effects and my combat turns are split in 10 rounds, so needing to put value higher than 9 would be nice, For the time being, I suggest you write your custom status on the Initiative chart, easier to gauge the duration. And a slight notice, maybe change to color of the numbers for the status, if you zoomed out the map they are quite hard to see...(but if you could hover on the token and the status would pop out would definitely solve that problem!)
Absolutely +1 on this idea! Getting rid of unneeded icons from the list and adding extra ones is a fantastic idea. I am not an artist at all, so hopefully someone out there will make "status token packs" and share them :)

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Bryce, have you seen <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>?
The Aaron
Roll20 Production Team
API Scripter
Those. Are. AWESOME! (and I see where Roll20's icons come from now... =D)
Gen Kitty
Forum Champion
Those are pretty darned nifty.

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My mind has been blown! If I could, I would add all of my votes to this after looking at that link. Thanks HoneyBadger!
Yes, Yes, Yes, +3
Dan W.
Sheet Author
I want to go to there. +1
+1 Would love to see this. We always seems to strugle to find the right icon for a status effect for pathfinder while playing. I have a custom set i've used for years that works great, but no way to quickly use them...
I would love to see this feature! My group still plays 4e, and we are constantly struggling with who's mark gets what icon, as we have a very status-effect heavy party. HoneyBadger said: Bryce, have you seen <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> ? Also, this link is fantastic, thank you for sharing it!
GOD yes! The current icons make NO sense.
+1 :)
<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> should do it.
The Aaron
API Scripter
Wow, that's pretty awesome!
+1 Need ""Prone", "Hands and Knees", etc. For GURPS so the ability to customize the emblem would be helpful.
This would be great, I was just pointed to this thread. I'm running a star wars edge of the empire game. Being able to upload E, S, M, L, E for your range (short, medium, long) would be awesome.
Marketplace Creator
+1 We Really need this for game play and values higher then 9 for markers, a lot of spells last much longer then 9 rounds, many in mins or hours. It would just be nice. Pop up text for status on tokens is a great suggestion as well. I look forward to seeing this.
+1 Customizable status tokens. Agreed. Like the card decks.
+1. It would also be great at to add numbers greater than 9 to the icons, it could work very well for resource management. You can store a number for PC's rations, firewood, ammunition etc. in a such way.
+1 Yes, please, and the numbers greater than 9 as well!

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Good Idea. Along the same lines, but in FFG:SW there is no way to add a black circle to track setback dice. nor multiple blue or black dice. You have a blue circle, great for 1 boost dice. There is an 4 bit color palette for players to mark with. I just want a black circle to mark a setback on a token. And to add more than one of those to a token might be nice.
Stackable icons as an option. Status icons stack behind the character icon option and set a flag/look to show it has a stack, auto expand on cursor over the icon, or on click.
+1, would be awesome
One more +1 for the pile, this would be so useful
+1 - This would be a treat, because I have to say that I do find the current lot of status markers to be lacking slightly.
Bo said: +1 - This would be a treat, because I have to say that I do find the current lot of status markers to be lacking slightly. Significantly. As it is now players typically just want to grab the closest-looking thing and slap it on their character, or play with them like stickers. Being able to pare it down to just what the system actually uses (and have labels on mouseover) would make it much easier to handle statuses.
Still waiting. ::sad honey badger in snow::
The Aaron
API Scripter