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Allow Multiple Selected Tokens to Execute a Shared Macro

Score + 42
If each of the 7 different tokens I have highlighted all have the same Macro, For example, an Initiative macro. Allow a macro execution for each of the tokens instead of just 1. I use an initiative macro: @{selected|token_name}'s Initiative /roll @{selected|Ini} &{tracker} This rolls the initiative attribute and adds that to the initiative tracker. I'd be great if I could just highlight all my monsters in a fight and click the macro once to add them all.
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
I have a script that handles initiative for all selected tokens. You might be able to use it in the interim. (let me know if it needs some changes for you)

Edited 1412790812
The only thing I think might not work for me is that I like my monsters to act independently and then choose as their turns come up, if I want them to hold. It looks like you're already working on this though. I'm following that thread so you don't need to respond to me here anymore :) Thank you for working on this.
Roger A.
Sheet Author
I would love to be able to use a macro with @{selected} on a group of tokens. it would be so helpful to be able to roll perception, reflex, etc. for a bunch of tokens at once instead of doing each token individually, although if they are just copies of the same character then it might not be quite as useful.....skeleton made its save, skeleton failed its save, which one did what? still +1.
Gen Kitty
Forum Champion
Roger A, name your mooks with numbers/letters? Skeleton 1, Skeleton 2, Skeleton 3?
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
I could easily write a script that appends a monotonically increasing number to the end of the name. I could also write a script that executes a macro in the context of each selected token, with the caveat that there would need to be some extra hoops to deal with ?{target} calls and the like.
2 years ago so seems abandoned but... Allowing a macro to execute on multiple tokens seems like something that should be easy to implement and very useful. I've been making macros for about half an hour and I already miss it.
I agree. This could be very useful for initiative, saving throws against areas, etc.
Robert D.
Sheet Author
I'd like it too. The Group Initiative script doesn't work for games like L5R.
+1 I'd really like to be able to call a given roll or stat or whatever from all selected tokens. If I have a group of PCs who are all trying to track something, i want to be able to see all their survival_bonus values at once, without ahving to click on each token in turn, or have them all go lok at their character sheets. Also, sometimes, i really don't want them to know i am checking something, like passive insight.
As much as I hate to resurrect a long-dead thread, I agree that having this feature added would really be useful. Needing to independently roll checks for a dozen or more NPCs really grinds a game to a halt fast, and it seems like a pretty big oversight in terms of Roll20's development given that it's been a native feature in MapTool since at least 2007.
I am also looking for something like this and there is no easy way to write it / chain it with simple macros, especially if you want to e.g. roll a certain attribute for all your (selected) players / all selected npcs. How can we achieve this? Selecting a token and hitting the macro, select attribute, select modifiers,... one by one can be very cumbersome.