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Print Character Sheets

I apologize in advance for a probably-stupid question, but can someone please explain how I can get Noon's v1.3 script to work with the current version of Tampermonkey (v4.9), in order to print the standard D&D 5th Edition OGL character sheet? The script appears to throw a number of errors. I've tried to debug it, but I don't know enough about the scripting language or the script's structure to get very far. Here is a list of all the errors currently reported by Tampermonkey, and where they occur: Expected { after 'if' condition. line 12, line 21, line 27 'Campaign' is not defined. line 14 '_' is not defined. line 15, line 19, line 35 Expected { after 'for in'. line 20 Unexpected use of comma operator. line 25 'charactersheet_useroptions' is not defined. line 27 (two instances) I know how to fix the various expected curly braces,* but I don't understand the script well enough to fix the "is not defined" errors. *and yes, I know from a technical standpoint Tampermonkey shouldn't be expecting curly braces in these places, because they're cases where there's only one consequent statement and braces should only be required when there are multiple consequent statements, but that's not really within my power to address, I can't fix how Tampermonkey interprets scripts...
Those are "use strict" errors. Remove that.. You shouldn't have to do anything. Just install it from greasyfork. You can DM me if it's not working still and we can debug it.
+1 from me
Forum Champion
We've been doing extensive research into the Character Sheet system, preparing for this and other updates. We are still working towards a plan that allows printing of any sheet without adding too much burden to Sheet Authors. 
+1 from me.  
Thank you Kenton.
Thank you Kenton.
+1 from me
please please do this
+1 Need to print please
Come on guys! 

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Noon said: Those are "use strict" errors. Remove that.. You shouldn't have to do anything. Just install it from greasyfork. You can DM me if it's not working still and we can debug it. I'm getting the same errors as George T. I'm not a programmer. I've done some googling and i'm expecting to see "use strict" in the code, but it isn't there. Can you explain it like i'm a 5 year old? Feeling dumb, but would love to have this functionality. A noddy guide would be a great help to those of us programmatically challenged. Also +1 to Roll20 Team. Having this functionality out of the box would save a lot of headaches. edit: Typo
I'm sorry for bogging this thread down with tangentially related replies. I have DM'd Robin to clarify and see what is up. If we discover a bug or a quirk I'll post it about it here. If anyone needs support on that script in the future, please DM me instead of posting in this thread. This thread should return to it's original purpose: Once a month collecting random users "+1 from me. Could really use this."
YES please make this happen
@Kenton Could you perhaps just export the sheet in JSON format? Allowing imports as well would solve that end of it. Perform strict validation based off of what the author named the fields - break the schema before making the author do work. At he very least this allows for interim solutions to take hold.
+1 from me
+1 from me!
+1 to print
+1 from me too!! Kenton said: We've been doing extensive research into the Character Sheet system, preparing for this and other updates. We are still working towards a plan that allows printing of any sheet without adding too much burden to Sheet Authors. 
+1 from me!
+1 from me
+1 from me too 😀
Please make it happen!  Our group loves to see others' character sheets!
How in the name of Gygax is this still not thing??
could you not just do a print screen, print to pdf, and in more options change scale? make sure page fits?  not perfect but it works
+1 Yes please this is something really useful.
Not that it seems that one more vote will change anything but I'm giving it a +1 and, if I can, and additional +4 - one for every member of my current game that's been asking about this!!
+1 Would be very useful
+1 for me. 
Please add this functionality.  There are a number of ways this will be helpful for people.  And some people just like to have the quick reference.  Thanks.
+1 from me
+1 here aswell
+1 on printing character sheets! Thanks everyone!
+1  As we all are hoping to return to our pre-covid games it would be nice to bring our leveled up PCs back to paper.
This feature is a major blocker for me switching to an all Roll20 solution for my campaigns. My players want to be able to view their character sheets in printed format. @Kenton : Is it really that difficult? A printout is static, so shouldn't it just be a static HTML file with placeholders for expressions to be able to print most character sheets. I haven't created a character sheet in Roll20, but I have done a lot of web development generating raw HTML at the server. I've created pages like a character sheet printout in half a workday (along with the back-end code that sheet authors wouldn't need to do). Maybe I'm being naive, but it doesn't seem like it would involve much branching (if any), so it shouldn't be that much of a burden. The thing is, for a standalone static page like that, you can use almost anything that outputs HTML as your editor (including Adobe or Word) because you don't need clean HTML for it. Moreover, such a static solution could be used to provide a system for printing where a static page is sufficient and a temporary solution for any sheets that are more complex.

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Link for people that don't want to read 293 other replies to find the answers. How to Print ->>>>>  Prev Page   <<<<<- Noon said: So with that script I wrote earlier , I went through and tested every official character sheet, and every popular sheet from the Orr Report with my script. It took about an hour (almost exclusively loading the VTT) and typing this post up. This is just an example though. My margins and paper size will be different than some others and is just further reason why the tools should be given to the community. So they'll work within the confines of what people want to do with it. Sheets by Roll20 13th Age by Roll20 : 75% zoom Chronicles of Darkness by Roll20 : 72% zoom, No margins Cypher Systems by Roll20 : 100% zoom, no margins, landscape D&D 5E by Roll20 : 85% zoom Dungeon World by Roll20 : 85% zoom Gumshoe by Roll20 : 82% zoom Pathfinder by Roll20 : 82% zoom Pathfinder 2E by Roll20 : 82% zoom Starfinder by Roll20 : 82% zoom Star Trek Adventures by Roll20 : 75% zoom Popular Sheets Basic Fantasy/ Basic Roleplaying/ Call of Cthulhu 5e/6e/7e : 82% zoom Pathfinder Community : 82% zoom Warhammer Fantasy 2e/ 3e/ 4e :  82% zoom Warhammer 40k : 82% Warhammer Wrath & Glory : 72% zoom, no margins (little weird but working) Shadowrun 5e : 82% zoom Storytelling System : 100% zoom (most resize strangely) Alright and with that we've gotten to 88.69% of sheets used on roll20 checked, and working just fine out of the box. Probably most would already work but I didn't check so mileage may vary. Could some of them work better? Probably. Could that be handled by someone who wants their particular sheet absolutely perfect? Yeah. As an addendum I'll point out again, it is licensing that is probably the bigger problem, not tech or development. Changing bootstrap's default styles with a media query is rudimentary.
@Noon Thank you for reposting that. You're right, I didn't go through all the posts in this topic. I was mainly looking for what Roll20 staff had to say. It might help (at least in the meantime) if a staff member pointed out your post.
+1 this: I play in person, but use Roll20 to display on my tv. I live rural so we don't have the kind of bandwidth it would take for everyone in my game to launch roll20 at the same time just to look at their character sheets.
Absolutely!! A computer monitor is only so big. I have trouble managing all my windows when I am DMMIng.

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+1 from me and all my players... I know you're already working on it... so hopefully we get something soon :)