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Decks as Tokens, Contextual Zoom for Cards, and other card related quality of life updates

KS Backer
A few changes I would love to see in the game, after a friends and I have been playing a game that uses standard 52 card decks as a randomizer, instead of dice, as well as me picking through the Simple System framework a bit. Decks as Tokens It would be nice to be able to drag an entire deck onto the table, as we can with cards. This would allow us to better manage table space, which is important for games that require multiple decks. The Simple System update showed just how silly it is to have them all in a single row when each player needs a deck, plus a few campaign specific decks. These would show the card back, or could be flipped over via the contextual menu to show the face of the bottom most card from the deck, and allow you to draw from it.. The context menu should also have all of the options in it that are currently in the menus for decks. Decks could also be rotated, and when drawn from, the drawn card will also be rotated to the same degree, like Simple System requires. Decks on the table should be made distinct from facedown cards by having a border underneath them to look like multiple cards, like so: Players may also upload another deck image alongside the cardback to be used to show an empty deck, which can be used to mark places on a board that start empty, but fill up as the game goes on, or empties out over play, and refills after cards are played. Dynamic Deck Modification One of the main reasons to have Decks as tokens. A card in a deck would have two properties: Source Deck, and Latest Deck. When a card is created, the deck it was from is the Source Deck, as well as the Latest Deck. However, when you place a card token on top of a deck token, it will add that card to that deck, changing its "Latest Deck" value to the deck it was placed on top of. When that card is deleted/discarded, it would be added to the discard pile of its Latest Deck, instead of its Source Deck. However, when a card is recalled, it will return to its Source Deck, and would also change that to its Latest Deck as well. Likewise, if a deck is placed on top of another deck, all cards from the first deck would be added to the top of second deck.The first deck would then be emptied and placed adjacent to the second deck, which now has all of the cards of both decks. Combined decks would NOT be automatically shuffled, until the shuffle button is pressed, in case the decks need to be stacked in a specific way. In addition, placing a card on top of another card should also automatically create a temporary deck that deletes itself when it is emptied to allow you to quickly shuffle a number of cards together, and then deal them back out, without requiring a dedicated deck for that task. This allows you to quickly and intuitively move cards between decks for games like Heroes' Tale, or for those who use Roll20 to play board games, makes it possible to play deckbuilding games, as well as games that require you to 'seed' a deck in a certain arrangement, like Pandemic, or the Dungeons and Dragons board games. Contextual Zoom for Cards Pretty simple request, it would be nice to have "Zoom Card" added to the contextual menu for cards, as well as decks. The 'Z' key currently provides this functionality, but having it in the right click menu would be very convenient. Bulk Card Upload Currently it is EXTREMELY tedious to add a new deck to a game, as you must individually select and add every single file for the deck individually. Being able to just select an entire folder of images from your desktop, and have them be added to the deck with a default cardname of whatever the filename was, with the extension removes. This would vastly reduce the amount of time it takes to create a new deck and get to using it.
+1!! I love the cards utility for tabletop game, and it would be great to see these changes made. I would also add Pathfinder - Adventure Card Game to the list of games that would benefit from this improvements. Specially the Dynamic Deck Modification: nowadays I have to spend in-game time editing decks each time one of us players gets an ally/object/etc (delete it from source deck, create it to latest deck). Besides time consuming, it is a problem to modify the deck while playing  specially when it comes to new card position in deck/hand. Luckily, the new card always goes at the bottom of the deck so I can get it from there and deal it to the player's hand. Other games I play that could benefit from at least one of the changes proposed by Ceetee: Descent 2ed, World of Warcraft TCG, and D&D 4e. If I may, another functionality to decks would be to allow putting cards facedown on them. That is another headache for Pathfinder ACG, but I suppose not many games need this functionality.
I see many posts related to deck features and am picking this one to add my vote to as a catch-all for ideas. First, I wrote a script that takes graphics on a page and creates a deck from them. See here&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> &nbsp;. Feedback welcome and I'll work on providing a standalone non-Gloomhaven version. Upcoming change to this script will allow add and remove of individual cards to existing decks. A user of the above script had some great additional suggestions that seem difficult to implement myself that I think would be covered by OP suggestions. They wanted to be able to return cards to a deck at specific locations (to top, bottom, or shuffled in). Also ability to take a card from one deck and add it to another.
Roll20 Dev Team
Roll20 Team
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