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Alternatives to Soundcloud and Additions to the Jukebox

Kiel T., Youtube is not an option, because you have to have their video completely visible, according to their terms and conditions. I am using a workaround: Teamspeak for all things audio (just disable the audio stream in roll20 by clicking on your little video square), and I use the Teamspeak plugin "Soundboard", so I can stream any audio file on my computer to the players. Works really nicely.
Marketplace Creator
Yeah I also have a work around using my MorphVox Pro plug in, but the quality isn't as good compared to roll20's direct access.
Ross R.
KS Backer
definitely a +1 for syrinscape and also a +1 for any kind of personal uploads or files as well.  I have an old collection of BBC sound effects somewhere that would be a lovely addition to any campaign I run.
+1 for Dropbox
+1 for self hosted files

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+1 for Syrinscape  +1 for personal uploads as well Anything that allows for more variaty and control would be great, I love using sound effects but sometimes it's very difficult to get a specific sound.  
Dan W.
Sheet Author
Umm...   no one seems to have mentioned it, but what about Battlebards ( integration?  Seems like a better integration being web-based whereas Syrinscape is not (I think -- definitely not an expert).  Both would be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G of course!  Battlebards might work really well with the teamspeak plugin Martin W. mentioned above...  Hmmmm.
Patrick Von Raven
Marketplace Creator
Tabletop audio has great ambiance music and sound F/X
Patrick Von Raven
Marketplace Creator
Battlebards is the best source of gaming music and sound F/X.  Even have professional voice talents from video games.
Derek Lynch
KS Backer
+1 for Battlebards
Sheet Author
I'd like to add  +1 to Spotify and BattleBards.
+1 for BattleBards!
Another +1 for battlebards, as you can mix your own sounds from theirs and upload your private library
+1 for Battlebards is sort of new on the sound front but they have a great list of sounds, ambient, SFX, and NPC voice bits. that is geared just for gaming. they also allow the setup of sound boards and mixers to truly customize the effects you are looking for. It would be great to be able to access all this right in Roll20. As it is I have been uploading things into Soundcloud and having them remove it because of copyright issues. Soundcloud shares the files out with everyone, instead of keeping it just for me and my game. If it was just available for me and my game there would not be a copyright issue, but this seems to not be an option with soundcloud. and as such I would reather just stay away from them.
Sheet Author
+1 for battlebards!
+1 for spotify since I really like their service.
Betty M.
KS Backer
I'd love to have Battlebards access built in.  They have great sound effects for the game and it would really be cool to be able to use them with Roll20

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Chris Waldrip
KS Backer
+1to Battlebards and Syrianscape.
+1 for battlebards, without a doubt.
+1 Battlebards!!!!!
+1 for Battlebards and Dropbox
As someone has already mentioned, being able to play musics already stored online would be great. Also, It would be great if you could use youtube links to play music (ignoring any video) As a note of improvement, I would like to suggest that we it should be possible to see a timeline on the musics so that we could move forward/backward in the music instead of having to listen to it always from the beguining
+1 for BattleBards!
+1 Battlebards !
+1 for both Battlebards and Dropbox
+1 for Battlebards, definitely...their product is incredible!
+1 for battlebards

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+1 for battle bards! They have AMAZING stuff and I'm sure they would love to partner with roll20!
+1 To battlebards I not sure if someone has mentioned this group uet, if not I would be very surprised, but these guys have been creeping up the ladder of dnd tablesounds for the better part of a year, while their service has just launched they have a metric orc ton of backrooms music and sounds, honestly they have stuff that you might never use. And on top of it they have an awesome sound mixer that let's you make sounds tracks they fit a scene perfectly, while this adds to prep time, the possibilities are endless, you could have a surly dwarf shop keeper get hit by a fireball, turn into a werewolf because reasons, then get eaten by a pixie, your game your rules! Now I'm not sure if I'm allowed to link, but really guys I would have you check them out, combined with roll20 it could be the best thing to hit gaming since.....well you get it.
In my defense when I started that post battlebards was not mentioned lol
+1 to Battlebards

Edited 1457097759
Someone should mention battle bards as well in here! +1 battlebards
+1 to BattleBards. Their audio is top shelf. 
+ 1 Battlebards. 
+1 BattleBards. I love the work that BattleBards & even own a few of their albums that I use in my home games. My players love the quality.
+1 battlebards
Would like to add to the vote, +1 BattleBards +1 Spotify
Battle Bards, please!
Greg R.
KS Backer
+1 for BattleBards <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>.&nbsp; Their pure web-based interface would be right at home, and the ability to upload and use their mixer to make your own soundscapes is a nice addition.&nbsp; Syrinscape would be great as well, many of the same features but with more focus on their premade 'soundset' bundles.
Sabastian W.
KS Backer
+1 for battlebards!
+1 for BattleBards +1 for personal Audio
Not to copy G.S. above, but... +1 for BattleBards +1 for personal Audio
+1 for battlebards. Their audio is really awesome and it would be great to use in Roll20.&nbsp;
+1 for BattleBards, no contest
+1 for Google drive. I have all of my music/sounds there already, and I need not worry about Soundcloud's liscence that way.&nbsp;
+1 for Google Drive or another way to directly input files we have hosted. Also, please please please please give us a way to load tracks at a certain sound index (say, playing from 1:30 to 1:45 and stop). Sometimes, you want or need a track to start/stop in a certain place.
+1 for Battlebards. Integration of that would basically solve all other problems for me, particularly once they get their local sync off the ground!
Sheet Author
I think I am correct in saying that all tracks available on soundcloud are not actually available on the jukebox. I created a soundcloud account to actively search for better music, instead of a host of irrelevant tracks with inappropriate names. However I managed to find nice tracks on souncloud and can't find them on the jukebox :-(
Forum Champion
Alexander said: I think I am correct in saying that all tracks available on soundcloud are not actually available on the jukebox. I created a soundcloud account to actively search for better music, instead of a host of irrelevant tracks with inappropriate names. However I managed to find nice tracks on souncloud and can't find them on the jukebox :-( Alexander , try to copy the URL of the soundcloud track that you want. Paste that URL directly into the Roll20 jukebox search. &nbsp;If it is a Public track from soundcloud (not marked as Private on Soundcloud) then it should come up in Jukebox.
I want to throw my support behind the idea of Syrinscape integration. Roll20 and syrinscape would be a match made in heaven. I can just imagine using the API to set triggers for different preset sound mixes. Roll20, with the API and FX tool, with Syrinscape integration would really be killer.