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Mumble voice support

KS Backer
G'day On Wednesday night I tried muting the sound in TokBox and running our voice channels through the Mumble server that one of my players rents. We had to wear headphones because Mumble has no echo cancellation, but apart from that results were excellent. Lag was not perceptible, so we had far less trouble with people starting to speak at the same time and then both stopping. Sound quality was as perfect as far as I could tell. And we didn't have Google+ periodically asking whether we were still there and disconnecting the tardy. One player rather frivolously asks for Roll20 to offer an option of broadcasting video but no voice. I will slap him with a trout at the next opportunity. Can anyone tell me how Mumble is likely to do on intercontinental calls?
I don't know the answer to your question but I just have to say that using mumble in roleplaying is great since it has great support for positional audio. You can spread out the players audio-wise as if you were gathered around a table.
Tommy R.
KS Backer
@Pekka So, I could put the DM on the left and players on the right to easily tell the difference? That is Kind of cool.
As far as I know, Mumble handles intercontinental calls pretty well. I've used it for many years with Canada, and countries in Europe.
KS Backer
Catherine: splendid, that's good to learn. Pekka: outstanding! That reminds me to remind the devs that we want consistent or controllable ordering of the video windows to support consistent ordering of players around the virtual table.
Mumble works great for people in other countries. The Mumble I use with some friends have people who join us from, Norway, UK and Australia and works great! I would be happy if the Voice had a Push to talk button.
KS Backer
Great! Do you know whether it makes any difference where the server is? One of my friends has been recommending that I rent a channel on a server in the USA for running games with mostly American players.
Mumble is exactly what I've been using so far, thanks to push-to-talk and fine quality. The server location does matter, if you use a server with a large ping number to both you and your players, you might face some difficulties.
KS Backer
You might consider seeing if one of those American players would be willing to install the server software on their own computer, even if only to test out the system. It's all free, and would save you the effort and money of renting one before you're sure you want it. I've had a personal Mumble server that I used for RPGs. It worked great, though at the time it included only Americans spanning 3 times zones.
I run a PC gaming website ( and we have Admins in several countries (2 in US, 1 in UK and 1 in AUS). We've used Skype okay, but the video would cut out some. We tried a "con call" with our larger Editor group (several each in US, South America and Europe). Skype crapped out on us, even with just voice. It was unusable. We have a Mumble server for gaming groups that get together. We all got on and it was perfect (outside of my newbiness with the software).