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Trailer for my new campaign (Chronicle System)


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Inspired by post-Tolkien fantasy literature (Abercrombie, Daniel Abraham, G. Martin, Richard Morgan) and movies such as The Road, 13 Assassins, Akira Kurosawa, and Valhalla Rising. Low-fantasy (humans only, so no elves, dwarves and gnomes), low magic (magic is super subtle and borders on superstition and alchemical trickery) homebrew setting using the Chronicle System , by Green Ronin (the game engine that A Song of Ice and Fire RP uses). There are 7 pre-made characters with detailed back stories. Player will help fill in historical gaps for each PC. This is sort of my experiment on roleplaying, and instead of building a bunch of stats, players will be asked to take on a character that isn't just merely an aspect of their own personality. Hopefully, they will be able to step, just slightly, outside of themselves and into something else. Combat is super deadly, and should be avoided when possible. The idea is "only mad men and psychopaths choose violence when other options are available." You can find the a slimmed down version of the Chronicle System rules here if you want a better understanding of how this system deals with combat and intrigue. The synopsis is that 5 years ago, most the PCs we part of the King's 41st Expeditionary that took over 2,000 men into the southern jungles in order to explore and colonize these "wild lands" for the crown. Two years later only 76 survived to returned home. The PCs that were part of the Expedition each carry around the horrors from their experience in the South and deal with it in their various ways. One is an alcoholic, another a drug addict. One is addicted to brothels, anothers snaps to violence at the slightest (even imagined) provocation. One became a professional torturer for the High Church. Each of them carries their own demons and their own ways of dealing with them. These are not heroes, at least not anymore... Fast forward 3 years, and each have found a new niche the world, as lonely and depressing as that niche may be. But then a young child goes missing, and an old warrior is asked to find her. As this seemingly simple mystery begins to unfold, it brings everyone back together for one last chance at redemption, and it threatens to pull them all back into the heart of darkness, and back towards everything they were trying to forget. Looking for players age 19 and over. This game will be exploring mature themes, and (hopefully) doing so in a mature way. This game will explore: slavery, occultism, horror, economic disparity, religion and religious institutions, factional intrigue, plagues, archeology, politics, gender inequality, racism, witchcraft, post-traumatic stress, and the bright and darkness of what it means to be a hero. Potential players will be asked to fill out a questionnaire and do a short get-to-know-ya with the GM (Narrator). I would like to get at least one woman involved with the campaign (more the better), so are therefore encouraged to apply. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... Bi-Weekly - Wednesdays or Thursday 8pm MST.
I'm totally down to give this a spin. Sounds like it's right up my alley. Oh, but I know basically nothing about the Chronicle system (other than d6 are involved if i remember?). So yeah, that's the handicap i come with. Still, if you're willing, I'd love to make the trek back into the heart of darkness.
Don't worry it about. If your familiar with any RPG, it will be easy. For the basic mechanic you can check out the Song of Ice and Fire RPG Quickstart rules here: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Any other takers? We've got one or two more spots left.