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Position of Names on Tokens

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I asked around and so far I can't find anyway to move where the name appears on a token. I'd love the ability to have it display at the bottom of the token in it's space rather than underneath it. This way it wouldn't overlap other tokens.
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I like this idea!
Agree, I find myself constantly bringing Tokens to the front so that the guy above him isn't covering up his buddy with his massive name. But we all want to see the name. It's just in conflict of where it is. Perhaps it can just always stay behind other tokens instead of moving it onto the actual token space. Either or I suppose.
Why is this still not a thing?
Wow, I'd forgotten I'd suggested this nearly 2 years ago. Not enough upvotes I guess.
i would like to add onto this and point to this thread&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
I'm *still* waiting for this feature.
It can't be that hard to implement right?
+1. This needs more support. Another thing I'd love is the ability to wrap text, so longer names can be used without it being three times wide than the token.
I will bump this, because it is really annoying to me that the name is *below* the token, instead of above ... *unless* you set the token bar location below, when it moves to "above".&nbsp; What I want is the combination of 'token bar bottom overlapping' and 'Nameplate Top Overlapping'.
+1, although I think the bigger issue is having control of the nameplate display. We should have a few options for where it appears, its size, font, and background color.
+1.&nbsp; It would be so useful to have some nameplate placement control--particularly if tokens are being re-sized for gigantism (e.g. summoned animals and marketplace tokens).

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6 years and nothing got done for a feature so basic. That's roll20 for you.&nbsp;
I would like this feature as well. :)
Agreed, although while you're at it could you allow us to change where the health bars are displayed as well for the same reason?
Not T. said: Agreed, although while you're at it could you allow us to change where the health bars are displayed as well for the same reason? Unless I misunderstand what you are asking for, this can be done now. See <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> I would like to see something similar for the token name, too.
On one hand, I'm glad folks are still asking for this despite how long ago most threads about it were posted. On the other hand, it's disheartening I've never seen a single comment from any member of Roll20 acknowledging anything about it. Whether to claim it's too difficult to consider worthwhile, that there isn't enough community-wide demand for the feature or even that they just dont think its worth it. anything at all would be nice. This is a very frustrating problem.&nbsp; - calling it a problem is being a bit melodramatic tbf. Its just annoying and a quality of life fix would be amazingly appreciated

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I have to jump in on this, no reason one token (or its info) should overlap another. We can change the feature bar's position, why not the label? Please take a look at this. It was the one problem my new players had in our first game.
It's several years where the nameplate is still not on the right space. It's such an odd and simple feature not to correct or give any option for. Even the default position of the bars are terrible. If you don't set overlapping, it's literally in another token's space. The nameplate continues to require reminders because it's not in the same space as its own token.
Please! i want to not lose the nameplate when a PC's at the bottom of a room and it gets cut off by dynamic lighting.&nbsp;
+1 I have started using Tool Tip for full character names (hover) and only using a small name in the "Name" bar because of the frequent overlap too.