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Gifting GMs with Marketplace Art Packages

Kristin C.
Roll20 Team
Similar with the current ability to gift your GM a subscriber or mentor account. Give us the ability to gift a GM Marketplace Art Packages.
Roger A.
Sheet Author
Yes please. This would be a nice addition.
Sheet Author
API Scripter
Even better, I think, would be gifting them with money they can spend on whatever goods/services Roll20 offers.
Having the option to give them a specific art package is great though. like if you want the art to be in the game and he doesn't care you could send it to him.
+1 to BOTH ideas suggested here: gifting with art packages would be awesome but so would sending people 'store credit' as it were that they can use for whatever. I can see places and times where I would do both in adition to gifting enhanced memberhship status which is already implimented.
As a player I want my DM to give me a character sheet for the spell templates so I don't have to spend time drawing on the ground, missing areas, etc.... And if he's too cheap to buy the art-pack so it's not clear then it saddnes me greatly. I hope we can gift GMs art/token packs.
Kevin the Barbarian
Sheet Author
API Scripter
Can't you do this now? Someone gifted me with store credit the other day.
Roger A.
Sheet Author
@Kevin, You can gift them, but it can only be used toward their subscription. At least that's how it worked last time I looked....
If that had changed I think they would have marked this 'completed' by now.
+1 from me.. I just had someone gift me an account.. i cant afford it at the moment, been out of work a while. If i knew who it was i would thank them from the bottom of my heart.. but it was annon.. So yes +1 from me.. im all for it
Im not sure, about gifted to an account only.. All i know is the money gifted to me was placed into my account.. Whether i could have used that for packs i dont know.. I was able to use it for the account. as i said it was just gifted straight into my roll20 account.
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
Currently, money gifted to an account is only usable to pay for subscriptions.
I recently looked in on another thread found HERE: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... If it's expanded suggestion were to be implemented it would take care of not only this suggestion but several others at the same time! I strongly suggest that anyone with votes left go support it and possibly even withdraw their vote from this sugestion and put it behind the larger package included in the thread above which would take care of the issue in this thread and so much more as well!
This idea is great. Players should be able to gift sets to GMs or credits at least. &nbsp;Would seem this would be beneficial to the GMs and ROLL20 as the group of people purchasing would grow. I really like the idea please do implement.&nbsp;
Great idea.
Great idea
+2 Great option. &nbsp; I really like it.
I would love to be able to gift things. This is a fantastic idea!
This is long overdue.
KS Backer
So will this ever happen? I mean, how far off is it in the roadmap?

Edited 1461181188
Sheet Author
+1 to marketplace credit. (but not to packs) However, you can gift your DM any amount via paypal. Paypal takes a portion of this I believe. Its a small amount.&nbsp; The other reason to choose paypal is that perhaps your GM has already invested in all the artpacks he needs from roll20, with paypal he can make more choices across the internet for his games.
+1 from me as a person who likes to support DM's and a DM who likes free things :D&nbsp;
+1 None of my players are particularly interested in any of the Pro subscription benefits but have expressed interest in gifting me marketplace items as a way to "pay their dues" or get to use a specific piece of artwork that works perfectly for whatever they're doing.

Edited 1468271889
+1 yes
Yes please. &nbsp;I want to help my current DM up his game with new tokens.
+1 Players should be able to gift a GM art as well as modules!
Still not possible, assuming from the fairly recent post regarding it, and it's pretty jaw-dropping. Roll20 essentially focuses on selling stuff to a astonishingly small number of it's total users - the relatively few ones that are active, engaged GM:s with disposable income. If you as a player could buy and gift items to your GM:s, anyone with disposable income could give assets to their favourite people. I as an adult with an income could gift assets to my college GM, for example. I'm still so confused by the lack of such a basic, sales-multiplying option missing. It defies all logic. What could possibly be the rationale behind not making this possible? Because at this point, I feel that it has to be a deliberate decision.

Edited 1475538840
+1 To both gifting packs and GMs being able to use credit in the Marketplace as well as sub. I really want to make my games better using tokens, but I can only afford the occassional pack, but my group have expressed that they want to help me with this- but they cant! D:&nbsp; Really hope this is under development by now..?&nbsp;

Edited 1477419326
+1 to use gifted money for all Roll20 purchases.
Phil B.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
Boom&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>