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LFG Pathfinder - 1 yr exp


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I've been playing for about a year now with a group which is taking a break. Would like something long term, weekly or biweekly. I'd like to get some play time with a group that's a little more experienced (like half of the 6 had never played an RPG before). I like to contribute to sessions but don't always know how and so this is where I feel like playing with some other people with more experience would help. Pathfinder is my first RPG. I know the rules for the most part, just fuzzy on stuff that doesn't get used often. Would prefer weekends but can work with an weekday evening. I don't get home from work until at about 6pm Mountain time M-F. I'm female, 31, not politically correct and not easily offended (I do curse like a sailor at times but can control it), easy going, from Colorado. I'm flexible, eager to learn, and can count on me to be at sessions (have only missed 1 session in a year). I have no problems with using Skype and willing to work with other forms of chat like Google Hangout or Roll20. Current character is a male Elf Rogue, I'd like to stick with the class at least at this time and focus on learning more about aspects of the game such as roleplaying and mechanics. As a player? I love story/narrative but I'm still new enough at this that I'm not set in any particular way. Love combat! My RPG abilities are weak, thus why I'm trying to find some other people with a little bit of experience to play with. Edit: I use PCGEN for keeping track of my character so a PDF of my current character is available.
we need a player for our kingmaker campaign, saturdays at 19h30 (gmt-5 timezone), healing characters needed but you can play any class you like. an interview via skype will take place to see if you fit well with the rest of the party...
Yes, I am part of Jaime's group. Kingmaker is an awesome campaign and we have just started maybe about half way through the first book or something so you would joining at the right time. Yes the dangerous in the wild are real, so a class that could at least cast a healing spell would be great, though the group does encourage playing what you would like to play it will be just more difficult.
Just wanted to post an update, thank you guys for responding. I have found a group