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clock/ calendar feature

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Im not a programmer, but as a dm i think it would be nice to add a calendar/time feature to the toolbar. That way for seasonal and or time based functions player would have a constant reminder on the date and time. Adding to the in game feel of it. If possible the calendar could be changed to represent different lengths of months and dates. (Custom world times and names.)
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You could make any kind of calendar you like and put it on the tabletop (map area), or in a Handout. Can you tell more about how the idea different or expanding from that?
Well instead of having a completely outside source to upload and constantly update. The tool could have an updatable interface that would be displayed on the game for all to see. almost just as the alarm feature on a smart phone. The ability to have a clock and calender feature that with a click of a button could be displayed and updated on the table top, instead of going to lets say excel updating that saving it, uploading the new image or deleting the old time and typing in the new time. moreless a drop down time bar that would be able to type and display. Hope that clarifies it.
The Aaron
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I speculate that providing support for this in Roll20 would be difficult and possibly not particularly universal. There seem to be a limited number of people who are actually interested in detailed accounting of time. However, being one of those people that is interested in such details, I have created a calendar script that works for the Mystara calendar. It could be mod'd to work for other calendars. I am currently working on a 2nd version that not only works for multiple calendars, but lets you keep multiple calendars(time travel, flash backs, alternate planes, other cultures, etc) at the same time, and supports day and time operations forward and backward

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I have found a website where you can create custom calendars (meant for RPG calendars, or any fictional calendar creation). Calendar-making website link: <a href="http://heldenhaufen.de/Ca" rel="nofollow">http://heldenhaufen.de/Ca</a> My idea is that you could create a calendar and take a "screenshot" of it, making a graphic of the calendar which could then be uploaded/placed in Roll20 tabletop. Then you could use Roll20 text and drawing tools to mark-up the calendar, such as crossing off days, or circling a day, or keeping notes on various days. This is a workaround suggestion or method to use for now, until such time as the calendar feature may eventually be added into Roll20 itself.
Gold, thank you for your suggestion. I think that The Aaron was right, this isn't quite what I'm looking for. This feature would be great to have native to Roll20, but I like your workaround and might even use it in another game.
I am looking for something similar. &nbsp;I currently use an Excel spreadsheet in my tabletop game that has the following features: Continual tracking of year, month, day, hour, minute, and second Buttons for advancing time by years, months, days, minutes, seconds, rounds Condition tracker Input condition name and duration (and any notes about who the condition is affecting) (See Note 1 below) The tracker counts down when time is advanced (see Note 1 &nbsp;below) The condition is highlighted yellow when limited time is remaining (less than 10 rounds) The condition is highlighted red when one round remains The condition tracker can be sorted by duration remaining Initiative/Turn Tracker (see Note 2 below) It would be awesome &nbsp;if there was something like this coded in Roll20.&nbsp; Note 1: Now that I am thinking about it. &nbsp;We have those condition markers that could be placed on a token. &nbsp;I recall reading somewhere that these can have numbers assigned to them. &nbsp;Is there an API script that would assign a condition, a number on that condition, and decrement that number each round? &nbsp;Of course, this would also necessitate a round counter. Note 2: &nbsp;I know the initiative tracker is there and that there are API scripts for turn tracking (which I cannot believe is missing from the base Roll20 system); however, I am curious what API script most people use to track turns.
The Aaron
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If you post in the API forum, people using the API will be more likely to see it and respond. That said, Ken L. just released his TrackerJacker script that sounds right up your alley. It handles turns and status effects with an option to increment/decrement each turn.&nbsp;
Awesome! &nbsp;Thank you so much. &nbsp;I will check out TrackerJacker before going any further.
Hey Aaron I saw the calendar you did a while back and it was awesome. I was wondering if you ever got around to finishing it or updated it. Thank you for your hard work.
The Aaron
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I've got most of a rewrite of it done, just need to eek out the time to finish it. &nbsp;The new version supports arbitrary calendars and better date setting, includes hours and minutes, etc. &nbsp;If I could just take a month off from working, I could finish all sorts of things. =D
Rin Vindor
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Searching around for something like this. I'd love to see this implemented directly as it'd really be a wonderful immersion tool for games and adding things like holidays and special events for players to discover as well as keep track of the day players are on.
I'm very interested in a feature like this. I'd love a customizable calendar native to Roll20, the more I can do in 1 tab, the better!
If this discussion is still debated today I'd just love a clock where the DM can move the tongues accordingly and all players could see it somewhere in the corner of the screen
From a technical standpoint, this should not be difficult to do. So much so, that it probably falls within the abilities of the API, and won't see much attention from the developers. I managed to work something out with the API to create a time of day visible to my players, that I could edit with relative ease. It's not perfect, but it's a work in progress. The basic idea is that I have a Macro that is available to the players, and they can have visible in their macro bar. I use the API to change the name &nbsp;of the macro to the current time of day - this means that everyone has a little clock in the corner of their screen. I then added some functions to adjust the time, and gave myself a macro that prompts for "Hours" and then "Day's", stores those numbers, and then changes the clock macro name accordingly. Then I added in a function that adds a given number of minutes and correctly formats the time when you exceed 59, and gives a leading zero, etc. With all that in pace, I can add a macro that adds 10, or 20, or 60 minutes. My code isn't in an amazing state to share, but if you have API access it's not that difficult to do. The main trick is using a macro name as a display for your clock, and then setting up functions and macros to adjust it. I didn't need a full calendar for my purposes, but adding that sort of functionality should be simple enough. The down side, of course, is that it's not pretty. And that's where this suggestion requires something that can't already be done: Adding arbitrary text and graphics to the interface. Obviously, a nice easy to use calendar and clock control would be much better, especially if we could customize the way it displays. My method won't give you an analog clock for instance, just text (well, you can use an Emoji clock for hours...), and it's very small text at that. But I think the real missing feature here is a more robust way to display information from the API, and a more robust user interface for interacting with the API.
I am also interested in something like this to give the players a sense of time passing&nbsp;
I am interested as well. Seems more complicated than at face value, but having something that your players can also go back and reference past events would be ideal as well.