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Players looking for Gamemaster - Warhammer 40k Rpgs


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Hey! Myself and a group of fellow players are looking for a gamemaster for a game from the Warhammer 40k RPG line. We are all interested in either being acolytes to a inquisitor, A reckless rogue trader flying around in his frigate, Being a spacemarine and undertaking dangerous missions for the emperor, Being the chaos space marine that tries to thwart the imperium at every corner, or being the imperial guardsman that tries to duck for cover or his head gets chopped off by an ork. All of us have previously played Warhammer 40k games like Black Crusade and Rogue Trader, so you could say we are familiar with the general system. We would like to aim for something not uber-serious, but not random and dumb either. The current goal is to arrange a game for either Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday evening from 20:00 CEST(Amsterdam). (Europeans are more favorable, because scheduleing is easier) Here are some general things; You must be reliable, show up to games and give plenty of notice if you can't play. (can't play without a GM.) We are here to have fun, and have a great time! You must speak english and be over 18. You must own a microphone and be willing to use it.. If this sounds like something you are interested in gamemastering then, feel free to head over to post here or send me a personal message! May the Emperor guide your path!
if you are interested, i am hosting a deathwatch campaign you can check out here: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... we could always use more guys
Yeah.. no.. we would prefer a steady fixed group, instead of randomness. So if you are up for a fixed on mondays or tuesdays or thursdays that would be better :)
I've got too much on my plate as is. But good luck in your search. If you guys change your mind, my campaign is still around.
Were still looking :-)