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Any thoughts on an LFG calendar?

It just occurred to me that it might be easier to organize the ability for players to find each other if there was a little calendar app for the site where you could post (with maybe a 1-2 month range) time slots in which you are interested in hosting or joining games. Ongoing games can be updated with number of participants vs. participants desired. A game which has not yet met the DM's requisites to play, or a player that has yet to find a group will show up as a red time slot. A game which is ongoing, but is below its desired membership will be shown as yellow. A game which is ongoing, and is meeting its desired membership will be displayed as green or simply removed from the calendar by the DM. Any game in which your login is participating is displayed as blue. The overview of the calendar would be very simple with dates, and days (and possibly even times for higher resolutions) listed and a simple grayscale (for the colorblind) shading used to show the times of highest activity or desired activity. Mousing over a day will bring up a tooltip providing a preview of that day's proposed schedule of games being proposed by DMs or asked for by players. Clicking on the day loads the page at full resolution detailing all the open or requested games, and further clicking on specific games will open details. Any thoughts?
I would expect that such a calendar would become extremely crowded, with thousands or tens of thousands of games showing on it.
A play calendar seems more likely no matter how busy it becomes, but a LFG calendar, definitely not likely.
Well, you could always apply filters to clean things up a bit. It looks like there are almost 300 discussions in the entirety of LFG right now. That would get knocked down considerably when you factor in some people opting not to use it, the ability to filter out players looking for games, various game states (as described above), various game systems, and possibly other more detailed options.
Yep, something based on querying a database would be much more useful, that would report only those open games matching such criteria as language, game system, genre, setting, playing style, schedule….
I have been told that obsidianportal is good for tracking campaigns and calendars.
It is, but people's issue is using multiple sites for multiple things. I know Roll20 wants to have some Obsidian Portal Integration in the future.
@Agemegos, That's what I mean. It would ideally be as easy to use as a server browser ala online multiplayer games. There could even be passwords, request to access buttons, or even the ability to join freely for open settings (such as boargame tournaments where multiple things are happening in different areas of the same board) in whatever the LIVE timeslot is. @Kelly/Tommy, Exactly. One of the things I'm liking about this site is full internal integration of what you need to play. You've got the board, the rolling/macros, video communication, and discussion boards all on the same site. You don't need to check other websites, and you don't need to have Skype running in the background.