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[Interest Check] - Pathfinder on Mondays/Tuesdays

Is there an interest in playin in a pathfinder game on Mondays or Tuesdays at roughly 6 MST?
i'm interested, never played pathfinder before. I cant do mondays though
I'd play.
I could do Tuesdays.
Tuesday game, do want.
I'd be interested in playing, either Monday or Tuesday. Haven't played Pathfinder yet, but have read through some of the rulebook.
Alright, myself included that's 6 people who are interested in 6pm MST on tuesdays. Is anyone of us a GM, or would be willing to GM? Then the next question would be, do we have a preference on what we'd like to run/play in?
I've got an Arcane Trickster I'm DYING to play. Depends slightly on the GM's preferences.
im down for tuesday or monday, if you have room.

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Well, I can GM if I absolutely HAVE to, but I'd honestly rather play, as I already GM a game on Mondays. That said, if no one else will...we'll see. Edit: If no one steps up by tomorrow around noonish, I'll take over and start working on something, I guess, if that's cool. Edit 2: Well, I guess I'll be taking over then. My Skype is genkumon, so go ahead and drop me a line, guys. and we'll figure out what sort of game I'll be running for you.