As the title says, we've got a Rise of the Runelords game that is about to finish up the first chapter, and we could use a player to flesh out our ranks a bit. WHAT: Pathfinder, RotRL adventure path. Players need not necessarily have experience with the first book, though becoming comfortable with the setting should be expected. We're all mature(-ish) adults who like to get into character and spend lots of time roleplaying, out of combat and in. Applicants should be comfortable with that, I'm specifically looking for someone who can be motivated and take initiative in-character, not necessarily to be the face of the party, but to be a personality and not fade into the background. I'm more than happy to work with a player to talk through character concepts and give incoming players something they can bring with them to help them be connected to the world. Our games are voice chat via Skype, so a mic is required, and regular attendance should be expected. WHEN: Fridays, weekly, 7PM PST/10PM EST. Sessions run between 4 and 5 hours. DETAILS: Character creation rules are as follows; 20 point buy Core races only Pretty much all classes are at least considered, though I may veto something if it clashes too much with the setting. ACG is ok. 2 traits, 3 with a flaw. Level 4 with standard wealth ( I may adjust). For the consideration of anyone applying, our party currently consists of a pretty-much-a-fighter Slayer with a greataxe, a very defensive Aldori Swordlord Fighter, a bow-spec'd Ranger, and a Dual-Curse Oracle that pulls most of the healing duty. You can get in touch with me to express interest via PM, please do so with a little bit about yourself and your experience, and what you're looking for in a game. I'll try and get back to you right away, provided it's not the weekend because I work late.