Sunday or Monday nights; 1:00AM UK time (roughly 7EST/8EST always get a little mixed up on that!) 4th edition games; I'm after fun over anything - time killers - it's what I've played the most of and I have access to a DDI account and it's character builder on Wizards - makes creating characters a breeze. Pathfinder; I'm new. To be blunt. I've got the core book, advanced race book and access to a bunch of pdf's - but for me, it's a new game and aside from a little fun with a friend, I've never really played a game of it. At all. Overall, I'm after games that are either 1-shot dungeon crawls OR larger adventures that could potentially last months if not longer. I've yet to try 5th edition and have little interest. If it wasn't clear; I'm looking to play - not GM - thank you :)