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Add macros to Transmogrifier

Roll20 Production Team
Thanks Andrew. Great adddition
TY TY for this feature.  Been hoping for this one for a long time. 
Sheet Author
Thanks ! This will help a lot ^_^
I love the work that you all have been putting into the platform!
Outstanding! :) 
No idea what this means, but thank you!!
Marketplace Creator
Oh damn that is really good. Thank you for the work.
If you use Macros (Collection Tab), you can now transfer them to other games via Transmogrifier like you could do with Tokens, Maps, Music etc. before... Skip Stephenson said: No idea what this means, but thank you!!
Thank you!
Awesome.  Thank you so much!!!!
Thank you!

Edited 1680862800
No flaws detected so far :D Now am looking forward to visibility of folder structure and (hopefully) move of folders + content of such folders ;) 
Excellent news!
TheMarkus1204 said: ManiacHigh said: why do I have to click on this link just to get rid of the notification?   Where's the DISMISS button for notifications? Unfollow this topic. This notified all users, not just those who followed the topic. For example, I did not follow the topic as I have no use for macros.
Excellent. Really a feature that I desired. Thanks.
Awesome sauce! Thanks!
Fantastic! That'll come in super handy. Thank you!
will the description of the tranmogrifier (which Kraynic posted the link to) be updated to reflect this change? Thank you Andrew
In r4ply to Andr4w S4arl4s , "It is an honor, sir, It is c4rtain your cal4ndar will b4 t4st4d. W4 anxiously await announc4d dat4s of things to com4, on your cal4nd4r. svart flagg alle sammen!!" (OOC-On a side note, as a teacher, would you be interested in a guest speaker opportunity? It would be great to hear the voice of collaboration on the top VVT platform speak about the success of Roll20 to a new generation of TTRPG'ers.)
That's great, what a nice new feature!
Awesome, thats a great feature..
I noticed that the other day and have already gotten a fair amount of use from it. Thank you!
Thanks mate!
awesome... will there be a feature where when we copy games we can copy the API structure also ?