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Ctrl+L for players

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The functionality of pressing ctrl+l just yesterday was able to be used by any player but as of today you have to be on as a GM to use the feature. I have players in my game that run two characters and adding a multiplier for low light vision on one of the tokens that they can control applies it to all of the tokens that they control. I suggest that the Ctrl+L be enabled for all players so that they can see what a token under there would be able to see without influence from the other tokens that they control.
Perhaps as long as you had 'token control' restriction. That way you couldn't just view ANY token.
You are right, a player shouldn't be able to select a mob (like the final boss) and see what the mob sees. I was taking in to account that when the ctrl+l function went live, before they restricted it to GMs, it was already set up so that a player had to have control over the token that they wanted to view the map as. This is how ctrl+z works for seeing the larger token image, the player has to have the ability to control the token in question. If I restrict my players to only one character the same problem still applies because they might run a druid with an animal companion. The player has to have control of the token representing the companion witch means that they are still controlling more than one token. Hirelings/Summuns are easy just don't give direct control to the player that hired/summoned them and have that player declare the order that is given to the mob and then the GM makes the hired/summoned creature carry out those orders to the best of its abilities. The companion has to be under ther direct control because at some point in the game the PC will get the ability to see through the eyes of there companion but if the PC has low-light vision and the companion dose not, or the opposite, then the issue of one token having the light multiplier comes up.
i +1 this
We regularly run games where players control 2 PCs (tokens). Ctrl+L should be available for players to enable them to see what each of their tokens can see (for better roleplaying). Surely this one should be fairly easy to implement given that it can be done by the GM.
For about 8 to 12 hours after this feature went live I was able to use Ctrl+L with my alt account that is not a GM in my game and with my main account logged in as a player. I logged back on 13 hours after it went live and was no longer able to use the command as a player.If the change to the code was a simple check for GM status upon detection the button press Ctrl+L all they have to do is undo the little code change that was implemented. However if they tied the process of checking in to other functions then they have a bit of work on there hands to omit checking GM status in regards to Ctrl+L. As a programmer I would have codded to do the simple GM check and I think that is probably what they did.

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Right now you can restrict LOS with Ctl+L / Cmd+L, manually and then undo it, only for the GM. I would like to add to this suggestion that an option to automatically restrict the line of sight display while a token is highlightedor selected. So when a player is interacting with his token, he is automatically shown his character's worldview. And when no token is selected, the map returns to its normal "unrestricted" state. This is beneficial in tabletop face-to-face games where multiple players may be sharing one instance. It saves a few keystrokes per player, which speeds up game play and improves the user experience. This approach also addresses 4-5 of the other suggestions that are higher up on the voting list.

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Alwyn I like your idea a bout adding an option to automatically restrict the vision. If I was to set this up I would have the game by default require the Ctrl+L/Cmd+L. Then each player would have an option in there settings tab to automatically restrict sight down to that of the token. For those GMs out there that want to force this vision on the players I would add a global setting that will override the player setting forcing the restricted sight on selecting a token. I would even set up the global Gm option so that the players still had the choice to use the automatic feature but any new player joining the game would default to the automatic vision restriction.
I was going to propose the exact suggestion Arcana posted in OP. What happened with this initiative? :,( I imagine it must be relatively simple to apply and it adds a fair deal of versatility to the app!  
RottenFridge the answer to your question of what happened is that unless a player in the game is controlling more than one token this feature is not required. In my opinion as it is now if a player controls more than one token one of two things are happening. Either those tokens the player controll all have the same vision type, ex. Low-light x2 vision, or the game is being played such that it is automatically assumed that the things that the player controlled tokens represent are relaying what they see to each other. The first case were all the controlled tokens have the same light multiplier this feature is not needed. The second case has a problem that is present in games such as Pathfinder and D&D. That problem is that when my tokens are in a situation were they aren't seeing the same area of the map. For ex. lets say that I am playing an Elven Ranger(x2 multiplier) and a Human Ranger(x1 multiplier), and the party gets to the point were they are forced to split up to continue the quest they are on. My Elven Ranger goes with one group and my Human Ranger gose with the other therefore my two characters are no longer seeing the same areas but because my Elven Ranger has x2 vision multiplier all light sorces i can see on my end get doubled even if enforce line of sight is on for the page, this means that my Human Ranger that is now in another part of the dungeon has all light sorces doubled and thus the emersion in to the game that the GM spent three + weeks working on so that the party would actualy be challenged is ruened because I can now see more on my Human Ranger's end than I am saposedto. If I could select the token representing my Human Ranger and press Ctrl+L then I be able to see the light sorces at x1 multiplier and get some of that emersion back.
+1, Everything Arcana is saying.  Have all those issues as my party all have the feat Leadership.

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from a player perspective maybe even just automate it a bit and do Ctrl l in the background when they select a token and when none are selected then all tokens setting would overlap.  Still plus +1 2018

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+1 again, looks like this has been a longstanding issue. I have three players that regularly control two characters/tokens. To add to this I have a situation where we sometimes get together around the "table" and use roll20 on a big screen for the maps etc with the players controlling their characters through the same PC. To make this work all players have access to all player tokens and as one of the characters has Darkvision,  token line of sight/dynamic lighting is rendered useless. Not all groups are single character and while the tool is great, it doesn't lend itself to sitting round a table with single point of access.
I use roll 20 as a virtual tabletop on my physical table so all players share the same screen. Each player token is controlled by a single player user. We are playing dnd5e and I have a warlock that has 120' dark vision and everyone else has 60'. I cannot accuratly represent what each player is seeing in terms of distance or with line of site as the platform currently stands, unless I go through and select and deselect "all players have site" on each turn. This is completely impracticle. To have the option to allow the player account to ctrl+l on each token as they take thier turn would be fantastic.
o . o
Giving this a bump, as it is somewhat surprising that it isn't an option.  Currently, I play and DM in a couple of 1-on-1 games, where the player has 3-4 characters, and LoS can get a bit jumbled with Darkvision & normal torch-light for each character that the player's controlling.  On top of that, I intend to run a live session soon, with one screen displaying the players' view, while the other screen has my GM view.  It would be nice to have the players be able to select whomever's up, press Ctrl-L, and see what that character's PoV looks like, then switch back to the party's composite.
I would like to give this a bump....but no more votes at the moment. I'd like to say that if this gets implemented, I'd also like to see an toggle option where this can happen automatically upon token selection.  i.e. token is selected, player automatically only sees what that token sees, when no tokens are selected, players sees what he does now.
I would love to see the Ctrl-L for players as most of my players control 2 characters

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+1 to this. In my use case the GM has roll20 up and I am the only player with roll20 up. The rest of the party likes pen & paper. I cast my monitor up to a big tv so all can see. I control all the party's tokens. It'd be great to get an authoritative post with some info as to the status on this request. Is it acknowledge and in progress? Is it a pipe dream? If so, why? etc.
I would defiinitively recomend an implement like this ctrl + L for players. Currently i use roll20 to illustrate an adventure for 4 presential players, but i have so much difficult to show them their individual lines of sight during combat. it takes me too long, since im controlilng all the roll 20 content via 2 accounts (one as a player and other as DM)
+1. Would be great as we have our session round a table, DM account on one screen and a single player account with all characters on the big screen. This is especially important with Darkvision.
Adding my support for this as well. I'm GMing for 5 people using Roll20 to broadcast to a TV for all players to view. I'd love a way to show just what each character can see when it's their turn in combat.
Whelp I came looking to see how to do a CTRL+L as a player thinking it was bugged out or something but it looks like it's not a feature. Yeah, I do a face-to-face game with Roll20 as our tabletop, and being able to isolate individual player views would be extremely helpful for combat situations.