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Macro Help 2nd edition

I am running a D&D 2nd edition game and the character sheet does a nice job of incorporating Thac0 into attack rolls and then telling you in the chat window what AC the attack succeeded at. I want to copy that macro into the attributes so it can be associated with the avatar and the macro bar that shows up with the avatar, can anyone help me figure that out?
I will help you. A side question though: why do you want it there when it is already on the sheet? This is what is in the button itself: /em hits an AC of [[@{ThAC0}-(1d20+(@{attackadj})+(@{strengthhit}*@{strbonus})+(@{dexmissile}*@{dexbonus})+(?{Misc. bonus|+0}))]] using his/her @{weaponname} In order for this to work in your personal macros, you need to: modify that to include the character name only have +(@{attackadj})+(@{strengthhit} for melee weapon attacks OR +(@{dexmissile} for ranged attacks replace the @{weaponname} with the actual weapon the macro is used for. For melee attacks: /em hits an AC of [[@{ThAC0}-(1d20+(@{attackadj})+(@{strengthhit})+(?{Misc. bonus|+0}))]] using his/her long sword For ranged attacks: /em hits an AC of [[@{ThAC0}-(1d20+(@{attackadj})+(@{dexmissile})+(?{Misc. bonus|+0}))]] using his/her long bow That being said, since the character sheet's repeating sections for weapons aren't numbered, this will only work for the first weapon. I just put the numbers in manually for my players: /em hits an AC of [[@{ThAC0}-(1d20 +1 +1 +?{Misc. bonus|+0})]] using his/her long sword note: I am not sure what the @{strbonus} and @{dexbonus} are for, or why they are multiplied into anything.
b/c no one wants to keep or open their sheets when you can prog the macros to pop up when you click the avatar and otherwise keep the screen clear.
You can also drag and drop the sheet buttons to your macro bar.
Using inline rolling tags, as shown below, helps keep the info straight, and only shows when you mouse over it.: /em hits an AC of [[@{ThAC0}-(1d20+1 [magic sword] + 2 [str bonus] +(?{Misc. bonus|+0}))]] using his/her long sword The sheet really needs to be reworked and have the weapons section numbered, but that is the creator's job. the format is "repeating_[section]_[x]_[field]" where section is the name of the repeating section, x is the row number the field is on starting at 0, and field is the name of the field. <----- this I found in a post but I don't understand it, so I just do custom entries for the macros. Got off my lazy @ss and did some testing. The first weapon has no number, so @{weaponname} will work for that macro. The rest of them can be accessed in the following manner: @{repeating_weapons_0_weaponname}, @{repeating_weapons_1_weaponname}, etc
Cool, thanks!