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Looking for Players - 5E - 11/26 7pm PST

Hexcrawl, Sandbox, 5e, high likelyhood of PC expiration (that's why I'm asking folks to make at least 2 PCs). There's a mega dungeon hidden in there, if you guys can find it. Looking for a bunch of players. Will do a quick, get to know ya, email exchange to make sure everything is clicking. If interested email me directly at interestcurve at For more info: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>...
Bumping myself, since players are contacting me directly through email.
Email sent.
Should also mention: using Google Hangouts + Roll20 + Google Drive/Sites. One google account to rule them all, the same one to find them, one roll20 account to bring them all, and in the darkness, well whatever...

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Google Doc read, interested and email sent. Ars Ludi posts read, interest skyrocketing. If you can pull this off in an online setting...
I think it might actually work better in an online setting. I think there's way more spontaneity in people's online presence, as opposed to someone spontaneous driving over to someone's house. Finding another DM will also help as well, but that will be later. I'm also trying to keep sessions relatively short. Like 3 hours with an hour of goofying around, which is what always happens once people get to know each other a bit. Very few locations should require more than one session, though certain themes and threads may tie locations together. If players do a bit of journaling, then a bigger picture might begin to form, though not having a clue shouldn't be factor in having fun or not. How many people actually read the entire quest in an RPG video game?
Closing recruitment for tomorrow's game, but players wanting to jump in on a later session are welcome to apply.