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[Interest Check] Pathfinder on Mondays

Hello, I'm just checking to see if there is an interested in playing pathfinder on mondays 6-10pm MST. If needed I can GM(I've got a couple things I'd like to run) but I'm just as happy to play.
I would potentially have interest! Been playing for years now, and would like a group who is serious and consistent! ^^
The timing works for me, I would likely be interested.
Timing works for me, and with the right group of players and campaign premise, I'm interested. Oodles of experience.
I'd definitely interested. Thats a perfect time for me as well. Send me a PM or hit me up through Skype (Whooshimaninja)
Experienced AD&D player, was a few years ago though. More than happy to fill out a group if needed
ill play defintly
Okay so we have enough interest. Is anyone interested in GMing (other than me)? If not, I'll toss together a game on sunday(and paste the link in this thread) and we can start organizing next week and playing soon after(the upcoming week 12/1 or 12/8 for an optimistic timeline). Currently I'd like to run an AP, a series of modules that will end up with the length of an AP, or a mega dungeon. I kind of like the title "Mega Dungeon Monday" so I'm leaning towards that personally, but I can be swayed on the choice of game if there is a majority preference.
Based upon the interest posted here I've made a game. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>...
Bump in case anyone missed it.

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your link is Not Authorized. You need to post the lfg link Edit: I found you game on the lfg and put the link below <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Thank you very much!