While posting on this forum, y ou are expected to abide by the guidelines outlined below as well as those outlined in the  Roll20 Code of Conduct  and our  Terms of Service . In addition, items listed below are considered to be part of the Roll20 Code of Conduct. Only Discuss the Roll20 API The API Forum is intended to be used to discuss the Roll20 API by sharing tips and tricks as well as fully working scripts and examples with the community. Sharing Scripts The easiest way to share a script is to create a Github Gist of it. You can then just insert a link to the Gist in your post and the forum software will automatically embed the latest version of the script in the post. If you make changes, just modify the Gist. Creating a GitHub account first will make later edits easier to manage. Posting Scripts Any scripts that you post should be your own original work. By posting them here, you are agreeing to share them with the community, and understand that other users are free to copy and modify them to use in their own campaigns. One Thread per Script You can post new replies to the thread if there are updates to the script.