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Hexgrid polygon/line tool snapping!

Score + 97
If you do it on a hex grid, it still sticks to the squares of yesteryears! If possible, please allow it to depend on what grid is being used currently for both the line, polygon, and square tools. Maybe even have a hexagon tool too when hex grid is selected.
I wouldn't mind a fill option that worked for hexagons, either. Still wouldn't be as convenient as you can make things with squares since you'd basically have to fill one hexagon at a time, but it's still better than coloring stuff in manually.
Forum Champion
Piggybacking: I think there's something odd with Token movement using Arrow keys that's related to the line-snapping, on Hex grids, that could also be fixed at the same time. I think it's closely related tot he line snapping issue. The current behavior is as-if tokens are moving on a square-like grid. Could be a different suggestion but I feel like it's the same background issue with calculating locations on hex grid. Basically tokens could be made to move on hexes & stay in the hexes. Right now they seem to move on a sort-of offset grid pattern (every other hex your token lands on a hex border instead of the middle of a hex if you move token with arrow keys).
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Voted and adding on to this suggestion that the line tool should show incremental measurements as it does for squares.
Gregory S.
KS Backer
More hex grid love is certainly needed.  Snap to grid is still just broken.  Movement, measurement,... blah.  It really appears that Hex grids are only marginally implemented.  Hex-based games are just painful to setup and play.
I think this topic should be merged with  this other one . This one was posted 2 years before the other and has better discussion, though slightly less votes.
Yeah imagine my surprise when i got a notification for this topic. Id be fine with a consolidation of the two.
+1 when I get a vote back
It would still be nice to merge this topic with the other one. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
I would really love this to be done.
Full hex support would be great.&nbsp; If you put your vote here, you may consider putting one there as well: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
This is an extremely important suggestion for hex-grid players, and with the rising popularity of Lancer, there seem to be more and more of those these days. There are suggestions requesting better hex support going back at least 8 years now, but I guess they never quite made the cut because most roll20 players are using square grids (a self-reinforcing pattern, given that roll20's currently-poor hex-handling seems likely to drive hex players to other VTTs).
Roll20 let's make this happen.&nbsp; There's lots of players out there that use hex grids for gaming and they deserve the same level of support that square grids are getting.&nbsp; This improvement only brings in more gamers to the platform and improves quality of life for people.&nbsp;&nbsp;