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Pathfinder game in need of a few players

Hello everyone, I am running a pathfinder game during the week. Game time is 10:30AM CST (UTC -6) and we game for about 3 hours. We normally play on Mondays, with a follow-up game on Thursdays (if everyone is available). Looking for interested players to join in. As I mentioned it is a pathfinder game and for those of you who are unsure about pathfinder, here is a website with most of the information, <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> If interested, drop me a message here so that I can talk over character creation and inclusion into the game.
I'm looking to get into a consistent Pathfinder group. I've played over Skype and Maptools, so it would be my first Roll20 game - but I've played plenty of Pathfinder and 3.5e to know how the game works.
Got your message and sent you reply. Looking for at least 2 more consistent players to round out a group of 5 PCs.
I'm definitively interested. I'm a pretty similar boat to Michael in terms of experience etc.
Hey Carl, did you check out the time? It is from 10:30 AM (morning) til just past 1:00PM (afternoon). If interested and you can play during that time, let me know and I can work on putting you in the group. if Monday is not good, let me know what other days as I have someone interested in playing on Fridays at noon for a few hours.
Hello ! I'm a fairly new PF player, and have only played a couple starter games with friends, but I've been looking for a consistent group that would play twice a week for a while, now; as such, I'm _really_ interested. I don't have a lot of game experience, but have the Beta Playtest core rulebook at home, and browse d20pfsrd on a regular basis ! I'm also available at said game time !
hi i may be interested in playing iv never played pathfinder but i have played 3.5 quite a bit just not in a wile let me know if you still need a player the time frame works for me cause i go to work at 2pm pst
Hi I would be interested in joining, I have played a bit of pathfinder before and have the rulebook and some premades lying around somewhere. Can I join you? (P.S. Do you happen to have GM'd a game with warp sabres in?)
Hi. I'd like to join your game too. I'm well versed with Pathfinder and know the rules pretty solidly. Would love to join if you still have room.
Id like to give it a go, still learning the Ropes of Tabletop gamming but i have some pathfinder experience
You still letting new players in?
Hello, drop me a line at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> and we could see if you can make it in the game. If already in a group, just let me know also. Thanks