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Allow Upload of Custom Campaign Backgrounds

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It was very disappointing for me to subscribe at supporter level today with the prospect of "custom campaign backgrounds" only to sadly discover that they aren't really custom at all, just a few presets. Very much appreciated would be the ability to upload my own still images as backgrounds for my campaign page, to make it truly fit with my theme. Thanks!
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Good suggestion. Seems like something that would be easy since there's already the ability for Supporters to switch between a few choices of backgrounds. Your suggestion is related to another one, but not the same. The current suggestion is focused on changing the background of the Campaign Details page. The other suggestion is focused on changing the borders of the in-game interface .

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Very disapointed this is not as advertised. THe Subscription says add Custom Backgrounds.. 3 presets is NOT Custom backgrounds. I Just purchased PRO with the intent of creating custom campaign and find out the entry point to my game is limited by three preset images. This is so not cool for $100!. this was the first thing i Soooo wanted to do. :( Please allow custom upload or add more custom background images so we can properly showcase our game in cool artwork.
An obvious suggestion and one that should be implemented. Minor and cosmetic, sure - but it is a feature that is useless with 3 backgrounds.
Technically not the biggest  deal, but I have to say that only 3 backgrounds does feel incredibly limited. I'd be fine with simply being allowed to upload a static image as a custom background, as the current options don't really fit my game.
I would like to upload a custom background as well.   Seems like it should be easy enough to do, I think MySpace had that technology...
Just wanted to add in that I am also very disappointing at the lack of an upload option for a truly custom background. I can use my own images in pretty much every other element of Roll20, so this feels even more like a baffling omission. 
I remember this being one of the first things I tied when I subscribed. Such a simple fix, I can't think of why this wasn't included.
Yes! This needs to be a feature. I was a little pissed when I bought Pro and found out that "Custom" didn't really mean Custom. I'd be really excited to see this as a feature!
gotta agree with all the previous posts this would be a great Quality of live features for our campaigns
I think the ability to use custom backgrounds could really help set the mood for the campaign/session.  +1
Any movement on this?  Static images, color choices, or even more presets would be great.  
I have to say, if this were implemented, I would become a subscriber.

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This is my key issue here. You have this here V Custom Sheets You however; also have this V Custom Game Backgrounds One is *actually custom* The other is not. Not a huge issue at all -- really to be honest... its simplistic and just small detail to add for something you won't even notice while actually being part of a session. But for the sake of advertising; let's not represent >false information<
Please allow custom upload or add more custom background images so we can properly showcase our game to better customize and advertise our games.
hmmm...FOUR years (and counting) on this one.
Andreas J.
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Yeah, this is something that should be done, the per-existing options are so few that this barely a feature.
What the #$Q%@$#%? I just paid for Pro to get "custom backgrounds" and it's a choice of 3 pre-set images??? Feeling ripped off as the literal first impression of your service leaves a very bad taste in my mouth.
It's a rip off for sure. They have not changed or updated them in years. And who really wants a Matrix background?
Is there any progress on this? I don't even need to upload animated backgrounds, but I would love to actually have a way to set the mood for my games for anyone who is visiting my LFG pages. 
Marco M.
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bump +1 this would be cool. Even just allow different colors
I agree with the conversation above, and am very disappointed that I can NO LONGER UPLOAD A CUSTOM BACKGROUND like I USED TO BE ABLE TO DO!   Why would this feature be discontinued?  Running out of storage space?
+1 bump to this. Really annoyed that I just backed for Pro and can't even put a custom background on my campaign.
+1 It's would be nice to get more background atleast. And even be able to import a custom one too. 
I agree. this would be a good idea! I'd like to customize my campaign's landing page a little more.
Agreed. I think Roll20 has, mayhaps, gotten a bit too bloated with subscribers to handle the details. Headed to try out Fantasy Grounds if simple things like this aren't dealt with... their interface is slick AF (Honestly, at this point, I might anyway...)

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Attention: Roll20 Team. This is a Popular Suggestion from PRO customers. I noticed an issue with this Suggestion thread.  It's a fantastic Suggestion that has been requested for 7 years so far. This suggestion is necessarily limited to Roll20's PRO subscriber customers, and then to most-likely only the subset of GM's in that group. There should not be an expectation of +200 Votes in order for this Thread to gain recognition and response from Roll20 Dev Team.  It's unrealistic to pit 200 vote minimum against other Suggestion threads that are viable for Free users, Plus customers, and Players. I feel like This Thread should be Elevated to Roll20 Dev's attention since it has already +90 votes, composed entirely of PRO subscribers, who are paying (although some of the Above have cancelled their subs, over the years). Can we get a response?
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I don't know.  Unless the main page changed in such a way that you would be able to see more than 2 relatively narrow strips up the side of what you upload, I don't see the point of custom backgrounds.  Maybe it is different if you are using a widescreen monitor, but I don't own one so don't know.  If there was some transparency so that you could see the uploaded image behind the game forum and around the game image/title, then it would be more worthwhile.
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Stephen C.
Sheet Author
Oh hey, this is a quality suggestion. The campaign backgrounds that are currently available are incredibly limited, and aren't great for all campaigns.
I'm not a Pro subscriber (yet), but I'll throw a vote at this anyway; it sounds fantastic to the graphics-lover in me . I'm already working on my budget to upgrade to Pro, but if you gave me another incentive of getting to put more custom images into my game, I'd be pulling a Fry on y'all.

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I'm not sure exactly what's being asked for here. By "Campaign Background", are y'all talking about the image that is displayed on the game detail page? The one players see just before entering the game? That can be easily customized. Just hover the cursor over whatever image is already there and a "Change image" button will appear in the upper right corner of the image. From there, upload whatever image you like that meets the parameters (1600px x 800px).
I believe what is being talking about is the boarder graphic. For instance a preset is a Matrix-esk scroll or magical particles.
OK, I see it now. I never considered that because we don't use the game details page for much besides an entry point, but I can see how others might like to dress it up. D G. said: I believe what is being talking about is the boarder graphic. For instance a preset is a Matrix-esk scroll or magical particles.