Hello, everyone. I'm looking for a 4e game. Been reading a lot about Eberron lately and would love to get into that, but I'm also open to FR, PoL or anything homebrew. Dark Sun's a bit iffy, but could work. I'm generally available any time after 5 PM CST (10 PM GMT) until around midnight, though exceptions can be made past that depending on my (variable) work schedule. Mondays are when my RL group tends to play, so I'm usually not free those nights, but any other night should work. I'm open to nearly any class role, many different races or character types, especially tending toward avengers and other divine classes and tieflings. However, there's a 99% chance I can come up with something I want to play to fill any gap needed. I'm also capable of being somewhat leaderly and decisive in-character - if you need a leader to push the group in a direction, or to hire the other characters, or to be the face of a group, I can easily provide. Most of my experience is DMing in the heroic tier and some low paragon. I do more reading of sourcebooks and poking around in builders than actual playing, so I do end up a little bit of a rules lawyer. Hope to hear from your group soon!