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24 hour clock

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As per the old suggestion: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... It would help to be able to set the site clock to the 24 hour system - considering the 12AM and 12PM confusion and the fact that people from different continents play here. Thanks!

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That is a valid suggestion. Note that currently, Roll20 automatically translates any posted Next Game times (Campaign details page & LFG board), and also any Forum timestamps, into the Reader's computer's time setting. It helps for things like "Would you be available to play at times like now, the time of this post?" (as the time of the post will be given in their time zone, on their web browser). However when you are having a text discussion with people, whatever you type is what goes across, so one must be careful to mention time zones & calculate the differences. As a helpful hint regarding the 12AM / 12PM confusion, I would recommend to always say the gametime as 12:05 or 12:15 instead of 12:00. That pretty much clears up any confusion about AM or PM on the 12's, because most people recognize that 12:15 AM means late at night, and 12:15 PM is around lunch. Note that if your game time is 3:00 in your time zone, that might be 12:00 in someone else's time zone, which would make it say "12:00 AM" to someone, which might lead to the confusion. So, my hint is always set your game times at 3:05 or whatever (5 minutes past the top of the hour), so that no one will see 12:00 AM and get confused. Another good hint is to say things like "USA afternoon" or "Europe night-time" while also giving the technical time zone name (EST, PST, GMT, etc), when you are talking or writing rather than programming a time-field. This helps people to get it into their brains, that you might be in a different part of the globe and a calculation should be made for times. Raises awareness. Last, here are 2 somewhat related suggestions, but I haven't found another suggestion that asks exactly for 24 hour clock on the current suggestion board, unless I missed it. Change the whole site to "Zulu" time was a previous Suggestion from al e., but he retracted it after some discussion. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... Overview Schedule is a recent request. You could add your comment and vote on that thread also if you agree it is relevant to the topic, <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>...
It's just a minor issue, yet it can't be that difficult or time-demanding to implement (that's mainly why I'm bugging them about it) :)

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Sorry for bringing up this very old post. But why not clear up any and all problems with 12 am/pm, not having to add silly :05 to your start time or care about what other peoples time zone might be. Just make it 24 hour clock or give us the possibility to choose for our self. That way silly 12-hour people can fight with their am/pm problems and the rest of the world can go on. (And yes. My computer is set to 24 hour clock.)
Sheet Author
This is really old, but the 12-hour clock is still bugging me, so I'm giving this a +1.
Can we have this option please?&nbsp;
I found it so preposterous that this wouldn't be an option, that I spent a good 20 minutes trying to figure out where in game, profile or user settings the 12/24 hour clock setting would be hidden. I wrote a hacky userscript to at least show the dates in 24h format, but honestly, the bigger hassle is setting the date and time in 12h format.
This thread is very old, but nonetheless relevant. Can we please, please get the option to set a 24h clock?
I'm pretty surprised there is no option to select 24h clock. While this is not critical, this has to be done.
I'd really like a 24h clock. AM and PM is very confusing for parts of the world that don't use it.
Andreas J.
Forum Champion
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+1 for international standards
I'm not sure if my +1 is AM or PM, but this is still something we need. I often game with my military buddies, and we don't even USE the 12-hour clock format. We literally have to take an extra conversion step to change the regular (24-hour) time into 12-hour format.

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+1. we have an international community here.&nbsp; let's be as accommodating as possible.&nbsp; also, some of us americans prefer 24 hr clock also (me).

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KS Backer
Seriously, not having decent support for this in an app that wants to be accessible is mindboggling.
A similar suggestion: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Yes please! 24h &lt;3
Vel C.
I'm in for this. And you could even offer several ways to display the date and time when you're at it (since it's the same thing on the coding side) like displaying the day before the month. That would be cool.
Andreas J.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
I had a vote open for this.