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Text Cards

Allow us to put a text file on the face and back of cards.  Many games that use cards are of the "pull one from the deck and read it" variety. Some have a common back to them, but not all do.  Limiting them to only graphics makes it tedious for the GM to create the deck. Often simple text will do.
Couldn't agree more...and just starting using roll20 here- how have you gotten around this?- I'm trying to save word files as jpgs and then dropping in but that's not working....
You can create the card image in programs like Gimp (which is free) and just upload the image. You can also use my Card Creator if you like ( <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> ).
Thanks Carl! &nbsp;I was using paint and just putting text in but your app looks far cleaner and quicker!!!!
yup, I CAN make the cards via gimp, but the process is slow and tedious.&nbsp; Especially when you have a 100 cards to make.&nbsp; A simple text editor would do wonders.
Or at least the ability to display the card title when it is drawn.
Same issue here, I'm brand new to the site and made a deck with over 100 cards, titles only, only to find out that I can't use it without adding some kind of image to every card. What??
hopefully that will be addressed