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LF 1 or 2 players for our 4E Sunday 1pm MST Group

Hi all, Our group has been together since June and we play weekly from 1pm till about 8pm MST on Sundays. We are a group of very experienced players and have just had an opening. We are looking for RELIABLE players, not someone who will flake out after a few weeks. We are a group that enjoys RP and intrigue, but the party still sees plenty of combat. Sessions may range from dungeon crawls to political negotiations. The party recently reached level 13 and barely escaped a TPK (the combats can be challenging) and decided to take a break from the main cast and create a second cast of characters in Eberron (party started at level 11). The new party has only played one session, and we had a player drop due to real life time constraints. I will recruit up to 2 players unless I find 1 very strong candidate. In the case of 2 recruits, they can play as long as they are reliable (I use a two strike system). We use for character sheets, have a private TS3 server, and I am a mentor so we get all the perks (and use quite a few API scripts). I don't really care what your experience is, just understand that I won't recruit 2 inexperienced players, but we have no problem showing one person the ropes. Bring a good attitude and your imagination and you're set! Below are some screenshots from our campaign. If you are interested, please post a bit about yourself here or PM me. Thanks!

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Hi, I've been playing with this group since June, so I thought it might help you to hear a second perspective. First, I've been playing AD&D off-and-on since 1994. I've played 2nd-5th edition as well as some other RPG's. I've DM'ed my share of games, too. One of the best parts about this game is that 4 of us have been gaming together since June. Sure, everyone has to miss a week once-in-a-while, but we still run the game every weekend. Roll20 is flexible like that, plus a good DM helps make it happen. We've played with up to 7, but real life happens. Hence we're recruiting, again. New players remark on how much work our DM puts into his sessions, and the maps are great. Have you ever joined a game and the DM sat you on a blank grid with monsters to fight? We haven't! In fact, as you can see from the examples, above, there are ample places to hide and choke points to play tactically. I encourage you to tell us about your play style, and what you like about D&D. It will help us determine who fits in and will like our style. What was the best roleplaying you've ever done? Just explain why we should pick you....
Hi! I'd be really interested in a higher level game (I've got a Striker|Defender off-tank that I've really wanted to mess around with. I have no idea how EFFECTIVE he'll be, but...), I've been playing some variation of D&D for about 14 years now (though most of it was persistent worlds in Neverwinter Nights for 3.0 and 3.5). My playstyle tends to drift towards whatever group I'm with, but I do tend to try to be at least a LITTLE funny. But that's fine, if you guys are super dramatic and serious about the story and everything, I can easily switch more towards gallows humor. I can get along with most groups I'm with, though admittedly I do have some pretty high standards all around. For favorite moments, I really have too many to count. I do have a fondness for the triumph of silliness, but I've managed a few cases of Serious Infiltration, Choruses of Vengeance and furious compromises. I had a few questions, though What are the other characters? Are there, like, 3 strikers and no defenders? What's missing from the group? How long term is this game? Will it die if they want to go back to their old characters? If I really like my character, would I be able to take him along? Are there any house rules, especially pertaining to feat taxes? I'll keep an eye on this, I'm really itching for another D&D game these days.

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I've got a bunch of characters I could play, so let me know what the group has, and I'll see what I can do. I'm not a huge fan of playing leaders, but I've got strikers, defenders, a defender|striker, and a controller I could whip out.
We have one character of each role, with the DM currently filling the role of Controller with an NPC. This was done because we lost the player a few days before our session. As far as "super serious" roleplaying, decide for yourself based on some of these examples from actual gaming sessions: A naked, buttered-up Pixie squeezed through the iron bars in order to reach the lever on the opposite side. Our last group told NPC's that they should fear the Kobold Bard, for he was constantly getting in the killing blow on enemies. We convinced a character that he must eliminate over the railing because ships don't have bathrooms.
Well, if y'all have a role of each, with the DM filling in for the controller, I can definitely fit in as the controller. I've got a Wizard mostly done. If you mean you have one of each roll and an ADDITIONAL controller, I could bring in the off-tank. The wizard is trained in (if I recall, need to check) every knowledge skill, and is really focused in the arcana skill. He's mostly focused on party-friendly area powers, as well as some Divine Oracle stuff like forcing a crit once-encounter, which is fun. If you really want to keep that DM NPC controller, I could bring in the off-tank as a fifth man. He's a swordmage|warlock who can throw around a bit of temp-hp. He's got several ways to punish enemies for ignoring him without using a mark, though he does have the swordmage shielding mark to run away from. What do you think would fit in best?

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I am closing the LFG posting as we have enough applicants now. We will be making our final decision on Friday. Thank you all for your interest!
Ok. Just so you know, if picked, I can be ready super fast. If you start this Sunday, I can easily be ready for it.
If a slot opens up, I might also be interested. I can roll just about anything the party could be missing in about 30 minutes, give or take a few for creativity.