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ZARP Custom Sheet HTML not working

Hi guys, I'm not code junkie or even any good with code but I am trying to import my own character sheets. I have made a form fillable PDF and have converted it to HTML. I have tried to obvious and copy pasted the HTML in to the custom sheet area of my campaign but the preview doesn't come up. I have used note++ to see and am able to run the HTML perfectly in chrome/IE/FF. Here is a copy of the code here Thanks for the help
Sheet Author
Compendium Curator
Unfortunately, this isn't going to work in Roll20. Roll20 requires a pretty specific structure. For example, you can't use JavaScript within the Character Sheet, the forms require a specific naming convention, etc. You also need to have a css file for things to format properly (though I suppose you could just style= everything....). The Character Sheet Wiki page has a lot of information on how to construct/build your own custom character sheet. I hope this helps.
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API Scripter
You cannot include JavaScript Character sheets are not entire web pages, they are contained fully within the page's body. CSS classes in your CSS file have "sheet-" prepended to them if it's not already there (so .sheet-y0, .sheet-h1, etc.) and you'd have to reflect that in your HTML. I haven't tried it, but I don't believe the @media query works for character sheets. Base64-encoded objects cause the whole thing to get thrown out by some security guarding code on the character sheets.