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Token Portraits

I know that it is an idea that has been mentioned in discussions about other topics, but I am not sure that it has been suggested as a new feature for Roll20. So, I would like to have the possibility to have a portrait associated with a token. It gives the possibility to use generic tokens and still have specific illustrations; and as some peoples use top-down tokens, it makes it possible to present a better view of a character than the top of his head. In others VTTs, the portrait appears when you mouse over the token, I think I would prefer to have it appearing when the token is clicked. I can imagine three ways to present the portrait: -the Maptool way, where the portrait appears in a corner. I suggest the top-right corner because others are already used -the portrait appears near the token -the portrait appears as part of the wheel of stats in a bigger bullet I have made mockups of those presentations, to be clearer on what I mean. I suppose there are other possibilities.
Kristin C.
Roll20 Team
I'd like to really see this too.
Oho, this would be great.
Good feature!
I think this one would be an even better presentation, but I am no programmer, and I don't know if it is possible at all.
This is similar to how MapTools works with tokens which I really, really miss when using Roll20. Something I'd love to see along with this is as you present it, the main stats/pools carried with it similar to how maptools presents that information to the player when toggled.
Ive been using character portraits as token for just this reason. Sometimes it's hard to figure out who's who with the above view tokens.
@Ade: Indeed, portraits are easier to find on the net than the tokens. With portraits, you can use the same token for different characters, again and again. Or even use very abstracts tokens (a number, a dot, a blob...). And portraits have more personality. @ Brandon: I am not sure that presenting information as in Maptool would be possible for now. Because in Maptool, you have to define the information you want to be presented in a list of properties. There is nothing like it in Roll20 now. But that's the kind of thing that would be more possible if there is a character sheet introduced in Roll20 (it is on the devs projects, I think). I saw that you proposed in another post to have more bullets available instead of three. I like the idea of empty fields that you can define for your own group. It is a step toward presenting information.
It is probably too much for my taste (and for the kind of games I play), but you could probably centralize a lot of the information you want around the portrait (see mockup here). The information is probably better displayed on a portrait (where there is space) than on a token (where it clutters the gameboard). The other solution would be the Maptool style I presented above but with a text zone under it.
Those mockups are becoming quite addictive to make... Another one, with the name and the possibility to cram a lot of information.
I wanted to bump this suggestion, because that is one that is quite important for the way I play and for the ressources I make (maps, tokens... portraits). I am planning some sets in a near future and knowing would help me to decide what to put into them. I don't want to put pressure on devs, I understand that Roll20 being still in beta, there are much things to change or develop. But, I would just like to know if there is any plan to add portraits (any kind of portrait) to the tokens or if it is something that is not planned at all in a foreseeable future. A "no" would be as useful an answer than a"yes".
I think this could be very usefull :)
Really great suggestion. Players are always fond of their character's portrait. Clicking or Roll-over should be a great addition.
Riley D.
Roll20 Team
Just wanted to say that this is a very interesting idea, and I'm definitely considering implementing it :-)
Axel Castilla
KS Backer
I think that this token-portrait feature could be activated in an optional way. I still want to see the mini-portraits / thumbnails of the characters in the text chat window of Roll20 (both things aren't exclusive).
Just wanted to say that this is a very interesting idea, and I'm definitely considering implementing it :-) Thanks for the answer. I'll certainly wait impatiently for it.
Just a thought here, I know this issue is probably long since buried, but I had an additional suggestion to make concerning linked character-tokens and information availability. Instead of trying to cluster everything around the token, why not simply add a button near the token which would open the corresponding character sheet, keep the portraits for use as quick reference, and maintain the useful data is around the token as is system?
Why not, indeed? Still, that would need a character sheet, which doesn't exist yet. There is not a real agreement on what kind of sheet is needed and the devs have not made a decision about it. And it also depends what is "useful data" for you. For me, the portrait is the most useful one, as it enables me to use the same tokens with very different characters and because, IMHO, portraits add a lot of character to the tokens (of course, you can always use portraits as tokens, but they are small and don't show the orientation). It is also, probably, the result of overexposure to Maptool. Anyway, this is certainly the feature I am the most eagerly waiting for.
I agree, I didn't phrase that correctly. that would need a character sheet, which doesn't exist yet. I meant the character page, where the bio and other information could be viewed. Make it open that character's section in the player's journal.
Ah yes. Linking the tokens to the character. There has been some peoples asking for it. Sorry, I thought you were speaking about a dedicated character's sheet.
I really like the suggestion Patrick has made. I was just going to ask if we could make the Character name appear when we scroll over the tokens, but his ideas are far more intriguing. I look forward to seeing what becomes of the suggestions made.
Tommy R.
KS Backer
@Riley, still any decision to add more bars to the tokens? I am running a game, where we desperately need 5 bars!
There has been no news about an update for bars, bullets and portraits (though from the votes here, it seemed quite popular), but there is maybe more info on the devs forum accessible to paying mentors?
Axel Castilla
KS Backer
Patrick, No, to my knowledge.
Axel Castilla
KS Backer
They can be considering the idea, but in these forums the subjects are things that are being actively developed, like Dynamic Lighting, Character Sheets and such.
Thanks Axel. I suppose we'll have to wait.
Tommy R.
KS Backer
Thanx Axel .......
Kristin C.
Roll20 Team
The methodology of how development works in Roll20 is that we implement features in cycles. We create new features, we test them to make sure they work as desired, and then push them out to production. While we work on these new features, we also cycle back to existing features and figure out what can/needs to be improved - essentially giving them an upgrade. We feel this method allows us to concentrate our focus on a couple features at a time to ensure they get finished and in the hands of the user base relatively quickly. We'll come back around to Tokens, Cards, Journals, etc. eventually, we're just not working on them in the current development cycle right now.
This would be awesome. Two of my players draw their characters (and usually the rest of the party too) and this would make it possible to use those drawings properly. They can be included in tote character page but no one sees it there.
You can always tie the avatar image to the character sheet that the token respresents (Since tokens can be linked to their corresponding character sheet)
It doesn't make them very visible during play.
Is there a way to tie in a url to the options above?  I heard about tieng in a character sheet to a pull out, question is can I tie in a web based sheet, such as myth weaver (generic enough to fit most games) and have that show up?
As the options above doesn't exist yet (and from what I can say, I am not sure a portrait feature shall ever be released), it is difficult to say how it shall work if it is eventually released. You should probably ask the devs on the private forum.
Great ideas. +1 to this.
Justin S.
KS Backer
This is a great idea! I love linking overhead tokens to portraits. It would bring my NPCs to life.
Yass Fuentes
KS Backer
Absolutely great idea. Something like this is very helpfull usin, as example, roll20 as a skirmish tabletop wargame :D
Great stuff, I like the mix of top down and portrait.