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Move Token from one Map to Another

Is there an easier way to move your tokens from One Map to another than copy from one map to paste on another? Should be a a right click option, "Move to Map" which opens up the name sof all your maps to move it too.
Copy+paste is the currently best method of moving tokens about.
I figured that, but as this is a Suggestions section I figured I would throw out that a better way has to be possible.
Yep, thanks for the suggestion :). I'll make sure it's on the devs' list.
Has anyone suggested having a way of inputting/saving the PC's as a "special group" that allows them to be easily added to any map (instead of cut/paste from other maps)?
You could create a roster page, but you have to remember that if your tokens are using bars and auras that are constantly being updated you still need to copy and paste the most updated tokens to the next page.
Alternatively, the bar values, status settings and so forth could be stored on the character card on the journals tab, with (up to) each map having an instance of the token that reflects the master values on the character card. That way there is no danger of forgetting which map has the tokens with the up-to-date values on it. And you could drag up-to-date tokens onto a map from the character journals without having to flip to and fro between the last map page and the new one.