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LFG D&D 5E tonight or tomorrow

I'm fairly new to D&D but I have a good understanding of the rules, I have a couple of different characters ready. I'm on EST and have Skype. So if anybody is doing a one shot tonight or tomorrow either post here or PM me.
I'm also down for a one-shot!
Hey, I've got a campaign I'm trying out DMing if you guys can get a couple of more people to join in.
You have to give us more information than that. Maybe your Skype name? Etc
I've got to vouch for Al B. I have been in a party before with him, he is quite the player. Considerate, not one to constantly interrupt and hinder game progress and understands player roles and the game. So if you are a DM looking for people, he's the kind of player you want.
I would be up for a one shot.
I'm also interested in a one-shot this week. I've DM'd 5e before, but not got to play yet.
I could go for a one shot. I'm in GMT though, so I availability may be an issue.
hey id love to dm for anyone who would like to play im experienced in pathfinder and 5e pm me
Ill DM guys
i have a beginning map ready to go for players interested itll get you up to lvl 7 and from there its all rp ill make it last several hours since its a one shot thinking 5 to 6 hours and if anyone wants to continue off of it that would be fine to. pm me
live:isaaceag160 skype me guys
You guys playing tonight?
If you guys are playing tonight and still have room I'd love to jump in. I've only played a couple one shots of 5e but have been looking to play more.
Are you guys still down to play? I'm new to D&D in general since I've only played one campaign, but I'd like to join.