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The Group's "Party Loot"

This topic will list all items being kept in "Party Loot". These items can be taken on an adventure and used at anytime, and unless I hear differently they are kept in your guarded warehouse in Stilt Town. NOTE: This means you need to say "We are taking blank with us" before you embark on an adventures. The only items I will assume you take to the Palace are the keys. Please keep me updated with what is currently in this list. List of Items: Keys from 2-headed goblin on First Floor Keys from Nekros Magic Map to Sunken Temple of the Icon (found on pirate ship) Nautical Chart of the Urchin Isles Palace Maps: First Floor, Second Floor, Third Floor Cask of Holy Water Longevity Potion Vampire Statue (being analyzed at the Wizard's Tower) 4x Miracle Max Pills 10x 2d6 Healing Vials 2x Javelines made of thick, dark, straight black wood; tipped by a long spear-like blade made of rough metallic stone. Book of Slime Research (can be referred to at any point since most characters have read it by now. Anytime you have a slime question or encounter a slime type creature and want to be made aware of its properties, you can recall this knowledge.) Instruction book telling how to activate teleportation machine found on 2nd floor of Palace of the Vamprie Queen. Iconian scroll* describing how to activate and operate a space ship, as well as acting as a rosetta stone to read iconian without aid of spells. Large pile of raw spider silk. Strongmoor People of Note: Fingal the Litigation Trickster, who was looking for Thaddeus. Throm the Marine Captain, who attempted to press those in the group into military service as recruits. Palace of the Vampire Queen NPC's of Note: Virez, whose portrait hangs in the front hallway of the First Floor entrance. Xylarthen, the plutonian wizard who wiped out half the group with a trifling flick of his wrist but was charmed by a 1st level magic-user. "The Princesss", who was allegedly kidnapped by a vampire cult and brought to the Palace against her will. Ashivaka, the Queen mentioned by several cryptic Stygian hieroglyphs found throughout the palace.
Group Items: Key to pirate door (exterior) 1 key stylized like a rat (palace) 2 brass keys (palace) Iron key (palace) Treasure map (found on pirate ship) Nautical chart of Urchin Isles Palace maps; flr 1, 2 and 3 Cask of holy water Key to vault (from Nekros) Longevity potion Vampire statue - left at wizard's tower for analysis 4 Miracle Max pills 10 2d6 Healing vials People we know: Litigation trickster (Strongmoor lawyer) - Fingal (Looking for Thaddeus) Marine captain - Throm (of kingdom of Urchin Isles)
You forgot to mention the Teleportation Chamber book thing, we didn't accomplish much in that room and it may yet come in handy.
One spell slinging wizard staff
Also the Javelins that still need to be identified.
One useless spaceship scroll :)
A huge mound of spider web lol
Jesse A. said: A huge mound of spider web lol What is the description of that spider web, or better yet, where did you get it from?

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I got it from when we first went upstairs in the warehouse and fought a couple of spiders, everyone wanted to burn the web, but Ka'Gron cleared it out and gathered in and its been sitting beside his bed. Remember? I made my old silk gloves with some of it.
Oh yeah. This was the non-sticky silk. Good call. Also you made me realize that there must be a few nations/cultures in the known world that harvest and craft this type "spider-silk" into silk fabrics as a resource/national export. Now I just need to figure out what region/nation that might be... Any ideas guys? Seriously, I need a good suggestion, take a look at the world map and tell me.

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Maybe the natives to the jungles of Stygia noted the sleeping patterns of the giant spiders and stole the web traps that the spiders put into place and developed a way to make clothing out of them. Maybe they even breed giant spiders for this sole purpose? Or maybe Kymric? Vast mountainous forests sounds like an Ideal place for giant spiders. And there have to be a few settlements that cant grow cotton due to the rocky terrain.
I'll probably cover it later some point but here is the run-down on Planet Eris world cultures: Urchin Isles are similar in culture/technology to the british isles during the bloom of the age of sail (but without gunpowder technology). It sits on the frontier at the edge of the known world as a tributary to the Sparn Empire. It currently controls the Borea and Lanthos seas, and a portion of the Borean penninsula. It has the most advanced ships in the world, and the most skilled marines and sailors. Barbarian Kingdoms represent the northern and western European barbarians and nordic tribes like the Scotts, Irish, Welsh, Vikings, Norse, etc. Maybe even one or two Ice Orc tribes, I haven't decided yet. They are one of the few organized regions that has not submitted to the will of Sparn. Kymrik (pronounced Chimeric) are the land of western themed knights, themed after the Celts. They are a tributary of Sparn. Sparn is a world sprawling empire, similar in culture to the Romans. Bela-Ros is a wild territory belonging to the Sparnian Empire. It is composed of several disorganized tribes of slavic/tatar culture-type people who use horsee and bow. The Islands of Axos are ruled by a wizard's circle and each island belongs to a different wizard. Magic experimentation and mutated monsters abound. They have a treaty with Sparn. Helikos is a culture similar to the ancient greeks, they either have a treaty with Sparn or are a tributary. The Savage Kingdoms are home to tribes of goblins and beastmen. They are wild and untamed. Omphir is the middle east of Planet Eris. Its culture is persian/arabian, and their primary source of income is trade between the eastern world and the western world. They lack resources, but they are positioned as an excellent trade hub. It is a sultanate. They either have a treaty with Sparn or are a tributary. The Demon Sea is undeveloped, but makes mention of an Ice Wizard? Stygia is nearly all wildland now, but it was once the most powerful kingdom ruled by an eternal red queen. Amon Sin is the only remaining city, its size and population outstrips some entire kingdoms. Stygia still holds power over a large part of its coasts and several villages, but much of the interior of the country is full of very sparsely inhabited wild jungles, deserts, and swamps. Cannibals, primitive tribesmen, and great monsters lurk among the ruins of the old civilization. The culture resembles that of ancient egypt. They have a treaty with Sparn. Fomoria straddles the northern pole of the world. This is the land of the true giants. They are definitely hostile to all men. Ishpan and other strange lands beyond Lanthos (Sea of the West) are themed after Japan and other oriental cultures. Only strange legends and occasional relics are found or told of this land. It is unexplored. Brool and the lands east of "The Last Outpost of Sparn" contain smoking mountains, and seemingly impassible landscape that remains uninhabited by men. Right now I envision it as a cross between "India" and "The Land That Time Forgot". It is unexplored. Going over the notes that Jimm originally made for the game world, it looks like the Islands of Axos are one of the few places to obtain magic items with any regularity outside of dungeons. Even the shops of Sparn would only possess maybe one or two magic weapons/armors. Strongmoor of the Urchin Isles would only have maybe an alchemist and magic scroll shop at most. EDIT: I stand corrected. The Savage Kingdoms were given to Norm to DM and storycraft. They are ruled by tribes of beastmen.
If its Silk stuffs, I would say Ishpan. After all, thats why Marco Polo wanted to find a quick route to China was to get Silks to Europe. If Ishpan is too unknown, my next guess would be Omphir.
CountingWizard said: Going over the notes that Jimm originally made for the game world, it looks like the Islands of Axos are one of the few places to obtain magic items with any regularity outside of dungeons. Even the shops of Sparn would only possess maybe one or two magic weapons/armors. Strongmoor of the Urchin Isles would only have maybe an alchemist and magic scroll shop at most. I call bull on that, I have been in a magic item shop in Strongmoor.
Jesse, it was probly a fluke, like a good roll and he didn't know it shouldn't have magic items at that time. Maybe it was a magic door that lead to another place, a door that when you went back was gone. That sort of thing. Also, Emery can tell you there is for sure an Alchemist or two in Strongmoor, his cousin Aurum sent him a letter about studying with them and to tell his friends he'd be back in a few months.
This thread hasn't really been kept up to date, but whatever. My jobs going to get really busy for the next couple of months and I may start missing sessions. Since one of the best tools for getting loot and other objects (bodies of most of the party after unfortunate circumstances, large valuable objects, etc.) without reducing the capabilities of the party I'm going to make my second bag of holding available for the party to use when Curtis can't make it. It will still be owned by Curtis, and returned to his normal possession when the adventures have all ended with whatever conclusion we come to. Following the standard party loot requirement, someone has to say their taking it in with you guys, with the stipulation that it be taken care of and returned safely. The Jesse clause; This isn't to be experimented with, it's not a toy, you don't stick other things like portable holes into it, etc. It's there to make life easier for the party when exploring the dungeon and the island.
I will experiment with my own when I get it, but not yours if I use it.
Can we make this an editable list in the campaign?
I'll try to create it today in the game. I've been swamped at work the past two weeks and haven't had time to respond to most people. I still need to give out xp/loot for Saturday's game too.
How much might it cost to hire a bard to spread the comedy of us angering a god, losing our weapons to him, running away, and going blind? No mentioning of Curtis in the tale. Actually, two bards, one comedy, one high drama, still no Curtis.
But wouldn't that make us look like utter fools? They should sing of how we bravely fought The Faceless Lord and pushed back his legion of slimes so we could save our dear companion Ramkus! Good vs Evil! Mortal's overcoming Gods! We shall stand above the rest! (excited cheers echo from the crowd)
taking 1 miracle max pill