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Google searching subforums used to work better.. method for googling subforums?

Forum Champion
Hi everybody! Especially search ninjas. I had a Google method that used to work better for searching under subforums of Roll20. About a year ago it was working nicely. It doesn't work so well anymore. What changed with the Google and our forum? In google you can limit your search to a specific "site" URL, and search within that. So if you wanted to search only the Suggestions & Ideas subforum, searching for Soundcloud related threads, this is my example <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> search term: soundcloud Expected behavior: Google should return ALL the threads that mention Soundcloud under the Suggestions forum. There should be at least 12 threads that should come among the search results of this test. Actual current behavior: Google returns only 1 answer for me, on that search. I tried several other searches to test it. Google is not returning search results of threads that I know have the words I'm searching. Anyone know why? Could there be something limiting Google from fully indexing the Forums, like some kind of Robots.txt or other setting? The fact it's an https not an http? The fact it's a house-built forum solution? P.S. Here is a Suggestion thread that's been around for a while, asking for the ability to Search subforums more powerfully within Roll20 search, like being able to search just under Specific Questions, or just on the Suggestions & Ideas forum.
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Dunno. robots.txt is only disallowing Google (and everyone else) from looking at the "Give Gift Subscription" page.