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Persistent settings for larger population, and Deputy DMs?!

So, I started this: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> I'd like to turn it into a setting that can support people randomly jumping in to play evil little goblins defending this outpost they captured against rampaging zombie hordes with multiple "Deputy" DMs (with reduced ability to edit main maps, but the ability to add new ones, and shuffle their subordinate party around between maps) keeping track of different aspects of the setting or taking care of a specific party. It would be kind of cool to get this little city going and really take the roll20 community aspect to the next level. So: 1) More than one "DM" on the same board. 2) Different levels of "DM" power. So one guy can't get disgruntled and break everything. 3) Discrete player parties that can communicate in a general chat, but are individual groups as far as mic/webcam communication goes. 4) Always-on boards How much of this is actually achievable, or would be easy to implement? I'd really like to play with the idea of a persistent world, and see where we can go with it. Infrastructure and available equipment can be the sole result of what goblin characters produce with profession checks. Parts of the city could be built up, expanded, or destroyed over time.
I would also like to know if this multiple DM is possible in this. So far the only solution I can think of that would work in my case would be to make a new login that gets shared between the two(in my case) DMs when they are alternating turns. EDIT: just found out from other threads that it is not supported yet in the app but is on their 'Dev's List'
Multiple DMs in one game is now supported: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> There are not levels of DM Power, all DMs are equals so only give it to people you trust. I'll make sure the other requests at least make it into "the big list" for the devs to sort through.