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Thinking of running a Pathfinder AP in E6 on Monday nights.

This may take a bit if explaining, but I'll try. I've been interested in the Curse of the Crimson Throne adventure for a long time now, but haven't found the right group to run through it with. CoCT is an urban-centric adventure with large portions of political intrigue and other themes. It's a great adventure for the right kind of player, that kind of player being one that can really get invested in the city of Korvosa. On the other hand, the one thing I really don't like about Pathfinder is power scaling. I'm a fan of challenge that really feels like an accomplishment, not the superpowered rocket-tag that most games turn into. A game where a player can be strong and do great things, but still feel like a person rather than a walking god. That's where Eternal 6 comes in. Eternal 6 is a game style where the level cap is 6. You stop leveling there, and while you still "level up" and gain more feats and learn new skills as normal, you're stats don't go past level 6. So that's what I'm checking interest for. If there are people out there that want to try something new and take on a new type of challenge, and there's enough interest to put together a group, I'll see where it goes. For those potentially interested, my games generally run evenings EST, through Skype group voice.
Still fishing to interest. I feel like I should add a few details that, while not all set in stone, are some things I would like to discuss with potential players. I'm thinking of this particular game being a very subdued take on traditional D&D fantasy. Which would mean that magic in the player's hands is on the low end, wealth is kept scarce, and races are kept core (or possibly human-only). I can see how this might turn a lot of people off, but I'm interested in putting together people who want an opportunity to stretch their roleplaying legs a bit and have the challenge of the game rest on their ability to solve problems and overcome obstacles through cunning and skill rather than blasting through it like a Rambo movie with fireballs. I get that this may only appeal to a very specific type of player (likely the kind who wants to take on the Tomb of Horrors in AD&D), but if there's enough people who think that sounds like their idea of a fun challenge, we can get something going.
I have read up on the rules of E6, and it has peeked my interest.
I am interested, but I am also interested to know why you think limiting race selection will encourage more role play. Human is the easiest role play to do, because we are human in real life. Wealth I am indifferent about, but most of the purpose of E6 was already to have a game where magic didnt take over, so depending on the methods you use to further limit it, you may cause spellcasters to be unplayable. E6 is challenging near the later part of the game, so I dont feel that limiting particular classes' power further is warranted. Still potentially interested though.
Depends on my schedule, I might be able to play. I am interested in a E6 game. Haven't play one yet. What's the character creation rule's like? Traits? HP progression? Starting Level, Gold, and Point-buy?
Jordan R. said: I am also interested to know why you think limiting race selection will encourage more role play. I never said I choose to keep races limited because it encourages roleplay. It's simply a choice I've made about the type of game I'd like to run, and hope that people who tell me they'd like to play do so being aware of that. I'm happy to spend time discussing my thoughts on the subject in private, but I'd rather not do it here. Daibin C. said: What's the character creation rule's like? Traits? HP progression? Starting Level, Gold, and Point-buy? Likely 20 point buy, with the normal allotment of traits. Everything else is normal, as it's an adventure path, so level 1.
Sounds interesting.
If people are interested in learning more or just want to see about finding a spot, shoot me a message with some basic details, mostly what things you're specifically looking for in a game and what kind of things would make or break an experience for you, along with some information about your gaming experience. I've had people send me character ideas, and I generally try and avoid having characters built until I know who's playing and we've had time to go over the setting, so people can build a character specifically for the game rather than try the sometimes awkward process of forcing an existing character to fit. I prefer to build characters as a group so that everyone can get to play the things they like, without worrying about stepping on toes or conflicting with other players or the setting.
I am definitely interested in both the adventure path and the concept. I shot you a PM with the information you requested. :)
I'm interested.
The E stands for Epic , not Eternal.
Since there seems to be a pretty solid response, I'm going to try and put together a group over the weekend, so you guys are still interested and haven't gotten in touch, please get to me with the information mentioned above. People who make an effort to communicate are the ones I try and get to first, so either send a PM here or hit my up on Skype (screenname Askren- with the dash) so I can get the important details to you.
Just another bump before Monday.
That sounds interesting. How late would you start and how long would it run?