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Announcing the Planet Eris (roll20) Ranger class

This class is only usable in my game, and would require permission from other DM's if they wanted to allow it into their games. This character would normally be treated as a regular fighting man if disallowed since it is so similar. Other DM's may decide they want a True Ranger class with full spell abilities, monster bonuses, stat requirements, starting hp, and plethora of other meticulous little rules and abilities. To create a Fighting-man Ranger (Mundane Ranger), create a Fighting-man as normal and add the following abilities/restrictions: Any alignment. Level progression as fighting-man. Abilities: +1 bonus to their surprise check , i.e. a normal roll requires a 1 or 2 on a d6 to be surprised, a ranger would only be surprised on a 1 in this case. If in a group and the group rolls a 2, the ranger would be the only one not surprised. +1 bonus to surprising opponents while alone or with other rangers , Ex: monsters are normally surprised on a 1 or 2 on a d6 (unless they are already alert because they see fire/hear noise/etc.) this abilities makes it so that monsters are surprised on a 1-3 on a d6. Tracking only requires a single-roll (unless noted) and cannot be attempted more than once for the same set of tracks. Tracking While Underground: Must have observed the creature to be tracked within 6 turns (1 hour) of commencement of tracking, and must begin tracking at a place where the creature was observed. To make a tracking check, roll 2d6 and apply any wisdom bonuses (+) or penalties (-) to the result. The difficulty of the check is determined by the most difficult circumstance as listed below: 7 or higher required if the creature only moved through normal passages or rooms. 8 or higher required if the creature passed through a normal door or used stairs. 9 or higher required if the creature went through a trap door or went up or down a chimney. 10 or higher required if the creature passed through a secret door (each secret door passed through beyond the first requires an additional tracking check). NOTE TO DMs: Plan the route taken by the creature before the roll is made. If failed, the creature is only tracked as far as the most difficult area the ranger would have been successful at tracking through. Tracking While Outdoors: May track a set of tracks at any time. To make a tracking check, roll 2d6 and apply any wisdom bonuses (+) or penalties (-) to the result. A result of 5 or higher is required to be successful, but the result is modified by the following: -1 penalty per day that has passed since the tracks were made. -2 penalty for each hour of precipitation since the tracks were made. +1 bonus for every 10 creatures in the group being tracked. Restrictions: They may only own that which they can carry with them or place upon a single mount. They may not have any hirelings, mercenaries, henchmen, or companions of any kind. Only two of the class may operate together.
BLASPHEMY! Damn you and your rules bloat.Where will it end? Subraces of hobbits? Comeliness attribute? Madness! Our forefathers succumbed to the seduction of splatbooks. Has their sad history taught us nothing! We play the original rules, not because they are old, but because they are NOT NEW! Sir, I reject your wanton modernity. And if my dueling trousers weren't in the laundry, I might have been tempted to call you out. also fighting trousers -&gt; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Kevin the Barbarian
Sheet Author
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Love that song! Steven, I do like how this ranger is pretty much compatible with fighting man.