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Searching by date created?


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Is there a way to sort the suggestion forum in an order other than votes and if so how? I'd like to be able to display newest posts and sometimes number seen, so I can specifically look at ideas no one seems to have read. Also what's the protocol if you see a duplicate idea? (What can I do about that?)
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There is currently no means to change the sort order in the suggestions forum, unfortunately. If you see a duplicate suggestion, the best solution is probably to make a post in the duplicate thread pointing this out, and link to the original suggestion. Some users are not aware of it, so it may also be worthwhile to remind the poster that they can remove their vote from their own thread, freeing up a vote to go vote on the original version of the suggestion (and when the suggestion gets to 0 votes, it goes away). If the two suggestions are highly similar but not exactly identical, point out that they can comment on the other suggestion to try and get the full features they're looking for in the same single thread. For example, if User A suggests the implementation of Red Delicious apples and a couple months later User B suggests the implementation of Granny Smith apples, they could instead comment (and vote) on the Red Delicious thread, commenting that they would like an implementation of apples with a choice of cultivar. >.> <.< Can you tell I'm hungry?

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I just threw my last apple away... it was rotten. somehow that happens with last apples in plastic bags sometimes... There isn't even a way to get to a specific page! just "next".... this forum needs some work... But I'm super excited at all the things that have happened since I first found my way to roll 20. Dev has folders now! Can you believe it?!
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Julix, there is a Suggestion for this! Please add your comments and upvote +1 on the suggestion if you agree, <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... On your other question -- what to do if you find a duplicate suggestion? Brian's answer is good. The best is to get the Link of the earlier (or more upvoted Suggestion) and return to the newer Suggestion that is a match. Post and tell the newer thread that they can vote on the earlier suggestion and give the link to it. This is best accomplished when the New (duplicate) suggestion has only 1 Vote. That way the original poster can SUBTRACT their 1 vote, which returns their vote to them & effectively hides that thread. They will get their vote back, to re-cast on the other thread if they want to. If it's not caught until the later thread has +2 or more votes already, then it is difficult. I have asked a Dev to combine threads that were matching and they said it wasn't practical to do so. So in those cases, we are stuck, and the best solution is just to have the related threads cross-linking to each other. There are currently about 10-15 threads regarding Jukebox and Sound improvements. There are about 5-8 suggestions involving individual dynamic light for tokens (like per initiative and so on). There are several suggestions regarding blocking movement using objects on different layers. There are several threads for improving Search on the Forum and the Marketplace.

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The jukebox example was actually one of the reasons I thought of this. Someone did exactly that - letting the voters know of the other similar threads - linking them all together. But I was curious if the threads could actually be combined somehow for vote count. - guess only by the voters, eh? Will the developers count the votes in different threads to the same idea together if they notice? - Or if it's linked in the topic.

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Right, so I asked a Dev about exactly that. I asked Steve. He indicated that, because the different threads might be slightly different and they didn't want to give one preference over another for which is the 1st post or headline (they just want the Voters to decide which thread rises up), therefore it wouldn't be practical to combine the threads by Dev/Mod action. Users would have to do it themselves, by cross-linking or asking the voters to subtract vote & re-add on the bigger thread. I responded saying that some of the threads are not merely slightly different, but are actually the exact same request in slightly different words (identical meaning). But it didn't fly. In conclusion the best current method is still for the actual Voters to subtract their duplicate thread themselves, and +1 the leading thread. As for Devs counting the votes from different threads --- theoretically they might notice and consider it, but this is not guaranteed. Speaking as someone who peruses and takes stock of the Suggestions board frequently, just because I like such polls to be organized, it's my distinct impression that it is difficult to recognize the connections of same-subjects across many pages. The only way I've been able to recognize and categorize them is by bookmarking, re-reading and close study of the actual content of the requests, not just the headline. For example I collected a list of all the Sound requests, and then compared the written requests to see what was Suggested, and found the matches. It would surely have greater impact and recognition if the Voters coalesce and combine so that the Vote number is the highest it can be. Having a linked topic --- same. It would help if/when a Dev actually reads through the thread. It will help the voters find the matching subjects. But it won't help with rising the thread up to Top so that the headline alone gets attention and priority.
Although if I understand it right the mods actually bring topics with a lot of traffic to the Devs attention, and they'd be more likely to notice. But I guess another risk is potentially allowing people to give two votes to one idea by upvoting both threads. - Since votes are valuable that would show commitment though, heh. Anyways, thanks for asking! :)
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It could change later too. They are continually developing this site including the forums. The voting thing was only introduced a few months ago. I'm sure they will continue making improvements and find ways to address these kinds of forum quirks.
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Julix said: Although if I understand it right the mods actually bring topics with a lot of traffic to the Devs attention, and they'd be more likely to notice. Really, we are only responsible for bringing problem threads to the attention of the Devs. The Devs are already very active on the forums though, so I wouldn't be too concerned about them not seeing topics, particularly in the Suggestions thread, and particularly the ones with lots of traffic. =D