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Sponsoring voteless user's (great) Ideas!

Hello dear voteless users here to get a voice and hello to people willing to sponser said ideas! I still have some votes (and maybe so do you?), but new members can't pitch ideas in the suggestion forum. So I figured I'd start a thread where you can sell me on your idea and if I buy it, I pay for it in the sense that I'll open it for you (giving credit of course). In this thread (unlike the suggestion forum) do expect some discussion. I won't be going "That's stupid!" but I'll ask things like "Why do you need more than 3 bubbles on your token to put stuff in?" And then you can say "Cause I'm tracking HP, Ammunition, Mana and Morale!" - and then I can include that extra justification in the idea suggestion - if I like the idea enough to adopt it. If I don't, it doesn't necessarily mean that it isn't a good idea! Also maybe someone else can pitch your idea if they read it here and like it. (Linking is easy enough on here, so credit should be given.) May the chances be ever in your favor!
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Julix said: May the chances be ever in your favor! Because quoting Hunger Games isn't ominous at all. =P
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Ahh, Julix. I have a few, voteless ideas, waiting in the wings. I'm bookmarking this thread to try to come back later and pitch you on one of my ideas. To be honest most of my ideas involve Usability and the graphical user interface... Not necessarily things that would improve someone's RPG gameplay (nothing HP related)... I've got ideas more oriented towards improving the Forum, Marketplace, Library, Jukebox, etc. for better access to these kinds of features of the site. Well, hopefully I'll be able to sell you on an idea, but I'll have to come back later and type something up formally.

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haha, looking forward to hearing it. :) if you wanted to, feel free to make a real suggestion and a bulletin list of other fixes